Yowamushi Pedal (Season 1 & 2): Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone’s week has been going amazing. I have been loving the support on the page these days! THANKS A LOT GUYS!! So let’s begin the review of this anime!



This sports anime was written by Wataru Watanabe and was aired in October, 2013.

No. of episodes: Season 1: 38   Season 2: 24


  • Sakamichi Onoda
  • Shunsuke Imaizumi
  • Shoukichi Naruko
  • Shingo Kinjou
  • Yuusuke Makishima
  • Jin Tadokoro
  • Sangaku Manami
  • Jinpachi Toudou
  • Juichi Fukutomi
  • Hayato Shinkai
  • Yasutomo Arakita
  • Touichirou Izumida
  • Akira Midousuji



The story revolves around team Sohoku who has some new first years who prove their worth and make onto the team for the inter high. Now it is an all out battle to see who wins the inter high!



I have been seeing a lot of sports anime’s recently and I don’t know why. But if I mus say that this sports anime has the most intense and unpredictable competition I have ever seen in sports anime! I absolutely adore this anime. Unlike most of my recent sports anime’s this one focuses on the back stories of only a few people and the way they emphasis and display this is fantastic. The first season showed us the fight of the first years to enter the inter high and they also show the introduction of a natural born cyclist i.e. our protagonist, Onoda. We are also shown the first day of the inter high which is absolutely fantastic. This is actually the reason I am reviewing the first and second season together because the same race spans over two seasons. The second season jumps directly into the race and shows us a very sad back story of a very weird character, Midousiju. The character, Onoda, always surprises us with new wonders and you can’t possibly ask for a better character. He has such a positive attitude and outlook on life. And the third day is the shit. That is what makes me call this anime one with such intense competition. AND IT’S SO UNPREDICTABLE I LOVE IT! I actually teared up at the end when the third years had to leave and how the final race ended (no spoilers). Pretty good openings and average ending songs. I can’t wait to see season 3! I highly recommend to watch this. Overall outstanding!



I would give these 2 seasons of the anime 4.5/5 stars.

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