It: Movie

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Really busy week with studies, basketball. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. So let”s begin.



This horror, thriller film was directed by Andy Muschietti and released in September 2017.

Duration: 2 hours 15 mins (135 minutes)


  • William “Bill” Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher)
  • It / Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård)
  • Stanley “Stan” Uris (Wyatt Oleff)
  • Benjamin “Ben” Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor)
  • Beverly “Bev” Marsh (Sophia Lillis)
  • Richard “Richie” Tozier (Finn Wolfhard)
  • Edward “Eddie” Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer)
  • Michael “Mike” Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs)



The story of Bill and his group of friends who are in search of Bill’s brother who has been abducted by the killer clown, Pennywise. Along the way, the group has to encounter a bullying gang and tons of horrors.



One word to describe this movie. ‘Disappointing’. I went for this movie to get a good scare but came back with laughter? Ya, that’s right. LAUGHTER. The movie started out well. The flow of the movie gave that exciting horror feel. That whole balloon concept was pretty good and the clown himself was pretty scary. Not forgetting to mention that there were some pretty good jump scares as well. But the movie lost its flow and moved into the kiddish horror direction that turned out to be quite funny. My friend who gets scared at even the slightest of ghosts LAUGHED. The dance which was said to be ‘scary’ was in fact ‘funny’. Very disappointed in this film. They could’ve done so much better in it’s making. Heck, even the kids in the movie weren’t even scared after their first encounter with the clown. The movie had a WAY too unrealistic approach and this movie would definitely be scary for 8 year olds. Another negative is how much they make the kids in this movie swear. Every kid just says the ‘f-word’ like it’s their job (ironic, I know). The ending was the main reason the movie completely lost me from a pretty great starting. Well can’t really say much. All my friends hyped this movie up. DEFINITELY OVERHYPED. Maybe I went into this movie with too much of an expectation. Leave you’re views in the comments. I wouldn’t recommend this film over all the other, better horror films out there. Overall not pleased.



I would give this movie 2/5 stars.




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