Ping Pong The Animation: Anime

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone is setting into the new year. I got my last exam tomorrow. I guess I’ll finally get a day break after that. Again, comment below your new year resolutions. So, let’s begin!



This sports anime was written by Taiyō Matsumoto and was aired in April, 2014.

No. of episodes: 11


  • Tsukimoto Makoto / Smile
  • Hoshino Yutaka / Peco
  • Jō Koizumi / Butterfly Joe
  • Ryūichi Kazama / Dragon
  • Manabu Sakuma / Demon
  • Kong Wenge / China
  • Obaba



The story of two best friends Peco and Smile who grow up playing table tennis. Peco is always used to the star light because he always wins his matches. But, when he gets too full of himself he starts skipping out on practice and becomes a weaker player. Smile, whose name is quite ironic because he never smiles, is disappointed. But once all players see that Smile has something special about him the tournaments become more intense and players begin to practice harder to become stronger as well. The series has 2 tournaments where all of the strongest players compete to go for the nationals.



If I were to sum up this anime review in one word, it would be “Impressed”. So, I decided I needed a slight break from one piece and really wanted to watch another sports anime. A lot of people said this anime was really good and so I checked it out. Firstly, not the greatest first impression mainly because of the animation. The animation was just so… Weird. But it definitely grows on you. It wasn’t like “Ooh it’s so bad” throughout. You get used to it. You really see how far this animation can take you in the sense of flexibility, sync of mouth and words and realism. Next, the protagonist, Smile. Not the greatest protagonist at all. Always moody and so much ego. Actually kind of irritating at times. I would have actually preferred it if we had someone like Peco as our protagonist. Way more lively and fun. But I guess it’s not all too bad. That’s enough about the negatives, now coming to the positives; the anime had some crazy table tennis games. I must say, for an 11 episode anime, the number of games and the amount of training they showed was amazing. I feel that in these 11 episodes they did so much and it was very well displayed as well. The level of intensity in each match and the way the character development is done was portrayed so well and such less episodes. Even sport animes which have 25 episodes and multiple seasons don’t portray it so well. We are really shown some great training from all the players. Another up, that they showed development of each and every character and not only of Smile. Absolutely awesome. The concept of using Smile’s character as a robot and Peco’s character as a hero was funny and really added to the show. The opening and ending were also really really good. The last match between Peco and Smile was just oh so good. It was just so cool how they stopped their game in the middle and then moved into everyone’s future and how they turned out to be and still managed to show us the result of the game at the same time. In terms of sports anime this one truly stood out as among my top. I must say that for such a short sports anime it was truly breath taking. A great anime and a true must watch. DO NOT let the animation turn you away from this. Overall awesome!



I would give this anime 4/5 stars.

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