Tokyo Ghoul: re: Season 2: First Impression: “An impressive yet dull start.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Final exams coming up soon so I am super busy with that. So, let’s begin.

Yes, I know all of you must be wondering why I started this season so late and I am going to lay it down as bluntly as I can. The anime bored me ever since season 2. The anime simply did not pick up since the start of season 2 and since they never really ended up showing the fight between Kaneki and Arima, I was highly disappointed. However, finally I have started this season and I can say completely, just 3 episodes in, that I am thoroughly impressed.

The season starts out with what looks like the outcome of a huge war between the CCG and the ghouls. This sets up the basis of the whole season. Later, we see our beloved Kaneki in his fourth and final form, cooler than ever (definitely cooler than cry baby Kaneki from season 1).

Coming to the setting of the anime. Like any other season, the anime is super dull and this creates this aura around the anime that gives it a spooky and dark feel. This is perfect considering the story of the anime. But, sometimes the dullness is annoying and it can really affect how much of the show I can really binge watch.

Coming to the action. This season has some of the best action I have seen. The reason I say this is because in the previous seasons, the action scenes were all around the place and difficult to keep up with. But, now the action scenes are well depicted and super fun to watch as well. We even get to see Kaneki in his super-strong form early on into the season.

Finally, the opening seems to be sung by the same person who sang the first season-opening which will always have a very close place to my heart. The video style and a lot of the setting are also very similar. The song in itself is above average. The ending is soothing and adds to a good flow at the end of the anime.

I am really impressed with the season so far and can’t wait to watch this final season of a great anime!

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