Tokyo Ghoul: re: Season 2: Anime: “Entertainment with a new so-so Kaneki”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone has had an amazing week. Board exams are coming up in about a week now and so, I have to pre-write a lot of these blogs for the next month. Hope you guys enjoy!


Kaneki has come into his final form and decides to form an alliance to fight for the justice of ghouls. He wishes to see a future where ghouls and humans can live together. However, the politics in the CCG takes a turn for the worse and Kaneki is forced to fight with new techniques no one knew existed within him.


All right, so first off, I couldn’t be anything but sad that this anime is totally over. This was one of the first ever anime I saw and even though it wasn’t that great, it still was very close to my heart.

This season had something completely different from every other season and that was: a proper plot line. The season shows us a new form of Kaneki which I believe is a combination of all his previous forms. This new Kaneki is very clearly overpowered and is a much better character than the individual forms itself. We are shown the formation of a new group with Kaneki as the “One-eyed king”.

Firstly, this was the first time in a long time that the stories were actually connecting and making sense. I was able to fully understand this season which made it slightly more enjoyable. The fight scenes were also very easy to understand and were not just random motions that are a result of bad animation.

The anime failed to still answer quite a few questions (looks like the anime can’t rid themselves of that bad habit) relating to Kaneki’s new powers and why only he has all these random abilities that no one had any idea about before. The anime also struggled to maintain its’ pace because at times it felt as though the story was getting deep and meaningful and suddenly, there was a change in scene and a new part added to the story. This reduced the overall effect the anime could have on its audience.

Comparing this season to the previous seasons, this season definitely triumphs over everything except the Jason vs Kaneki part in season 1 (nothing could beat that). Even though this anime was struggling with pace and lacking with information, this was not new in this anime and so, I looked beyond that and appreciated the romance between Kaneki and Touka and thoroughly appreciated the well-depicted fight scenes (which I must say, were in abundance this season). The anime also has some amazing cliff hangers and some really jaw-dropping moments.

The opening was very nice in my opinion and suited the anime as a whole. I would recommend seeing this series simply because of the amazing fandom base. Overall meh.


I would give this season of the anime 3/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul: re: Season 2: Anime: “Entertainment with a new so-so Kaneki”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Read the manga bruh. The manga is 4.99999/5 nd all ur questions will be answered. So the problem is that they had to fit hell lot of chaps in 1 season Nd 1 season is like 3 chaps or something hence the loopholes Nd all. Idk how to put it in words tbh. The anime wasn’t able to express itself like the manga but no kidding it has one of the best storyline’s I’ve evr seen. It’s as good as narutos storyline

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    • reviewitweb says:

      Ya I’ve actually heard a lot about the manga. But honestly, I’m not Much if a manga reader and the review is based on the show and that’s where the anime failed to answer a lot of necessary questions.


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