Kimi no na wa. (Your name.): Anime Movie: “A roller coaster with one loop.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. Hope everyone is having a great week. This is the last week of my finals! So, let’s begin.


A mystery meteor causes two people to interchange bodies but in different timelines. They must work together to prevent the death of the girl in the old timeline so that she exists in the boy’s current timeline. (Confusing? Yes, it is.)


Let me start off by explaining the title of this blog. Kimi no na wa is as interesting as it gets in terms of an anime film. However, this kind of story is common to see everywhere and there was nothing really that unique about it. That explains the simple roller coaster part. The single loop comes into play when the story had only one plot twist which is supposed to enhance the entertainment of the anime but ended up causing a whole lot of confusion relating to timelines and story and such.

The movie gives no basis of explanation throughout the duration but, this is definitely not a complaint from my side. According to me, this added as a major factor to this film by adding the elements of surprise and curiosity. It is always fun when you are trying to figure out the film but I guess it does go overboard when you’re doing that even after the film is over.

The story of this movie was quite stale and, initially, quite repetitive as well. This got pretty annoying. However, the movie was able to keep me entertained simply because of its’ animation quality and music. The quality of animation was so beautiful and breath-taking that I watched in awe at the different sceneries this anime displayed (definitely deserved flex). The music album is honestly one of the best I’ve heard in anime and is just so soothing an calm to listen to.

The single plot twist that the anime did provide was completely confusing. I found it to be quite boring and it felt as though it changed the whole joyous, fun attitude the movie had at the beginning. But, the drama was not overbearing and was all understandable based on the situations we found our beloved characters stuck in.

This is an anime that should be watched by all anime fans simply because of the fan base and decent storyline. Overall very average.


I would give this movie 3/5 stars.

4 thoughts on “Kimi no na wa. (Your name.): Anime Movie: “A roller coaster with one loop.”

  1. wishthought says:

    Though I don’t really agree about the plot, that soundtrack was on fire. I hadn’t watched the movie in three years, I listened to the first song in the soundtrack and everything came pouring back. It’s astonishing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • reviewitweb says:

      Ya, I have seen other reviews and noticed how others seemed to really enjoy the plot. I felt it was all over the place and that was kind of annoying. I will definitely agree that the soundtrack is fire though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    3/5 huh?? Wtf r u? I cried watching this Nd i don’t even cry. The characterisation, the music, the fkn animation were op affff. I can give it 4.5 only for those , let alone the amazing storyline Nd chemistry b/w them. I’m kinda liking the reviews though.


    • reviewitweb says:

      Haha the animation and music were truly the impressive parts. I guess the cliches are wad brought it down a bit for me and the story felt a bit too extra and dragged on. I feel my 3.5 is justified considering its not the only anime that has made me cry.


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