Hajime No Ippo (Ep. 26-50): Anime: “Friendships and development.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. A happy new year to everyone. I am going to try getting a better schedule for these posts. I am really sorry for this. I hope everyone has a great year! So, let’s begin.


As Ippo trains to become the Rookie king, he is met with a ton of tough opponents who help him improve his skills. Now, he prepares himself for the ultimate match up against the featherweight champion, Eiji Date.


This is probably going to be a short review simply because even though a lot happened in these episodes of the anime there was still nothing different than the first 25 episodes where we see continuous training and matches.

We really get to see a development in Ippo’s character as he has to battle in and out of the boxing ring after his mom falls severely ill. This really brings out another aspect to the story where we see how Ippo is able to train his mental ability as well.

As the matches progress, you can see the increase in difficulty of each opponent. Ippo is also able to learn new moves throughout his training and previous matches which is clearly used and shows in other matches as well. This is what really makes the matches feel spontaneous and fun to watch.

I’m reviewing these episodes after about a month of completing them so my memory is pretty hazy about what exactly happened. But the match against Vorg was absolutely beautiful and totally unpredictable. I really loved Vorg’s character and I’m also glad Ippo befriended him because it was clear that Vorg has a very kind heart and is a gentle person outside of the ring.

The opening an ending music is good and I’m really excited to see how the preparations for the match against Eiji will be done. Overall great!


I would give these episodes of the anime 3.5/5 stars.

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