One Punch Man (Season 2): Anime: “A mix of emotions.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has had a great week. This is a post that should’ve gone up a week after the show stopped airing but as a result of my laziness it didn’t. So, let’s begin!


This season of one punch man deals with the rise of Hero Hunter, Garo and the rise of a new villain organisation that is slowly trying to take over the world by killing off all the heroes. Over the season, Santana is trying to find his love for fighting again.


This season was a really anticipated one because of how long it took to come out. And, to basically summarize, the season had its moments.

While throughout the season we get to see the rise of a new hero who was so hyped up to be extremely strong, Garo also falls prey to Saitama’s insane power. Even considering he didn’t get punched, he was able to survived two of Saitama’s hits which is pretty impressive in itself. And every interaction did bring some hype with it.

Saitama does not get his time to shine this season. While we get to see some pretty funny and epic matches in the tournament it was still not as amazing as a one punch man fight usually is. The only real “awe” moment was when Saitama saved Bang, Genoa, and Bang’s friend (whose name I can not remember) from the strong anime at the end.

Another positive of this anime were Garo’s fight scenes with other hero’s which were super fun to watch because for the first time we see some concept of “even match ups” in this anime. The anime was able to show off a lot more heroes which created more hype for future seasons as well.

But, the main negative of this anime was its’ abrupt ending. The anime was unable to end with some suspense for season 3 and that really disappointed me as I waited for weeks thinking a new episode was going to come out soon. The anime didn’t give nay context in relation to Saitiama, Genoa, the villain association, Garo, etc. that would make us question what to expect.

The change in animation was already a big let down for this anime but it didn’t seem to escalate high enough to make it a worth it season. Of course I still have hopes for upcoming seasons but I don’t feel like the few years break was justified for this season. The opening and ending songs were average as well. Overall very average.


I would give this season of One Punch Man 3/5 stars.

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