Demon Slayer| Anime|“Animation that blows your mind.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin!


After Tanjiro’s family is killed by a demon, only his sister, Nezuko, is left alive but, as a demon. Now, it is his mission in life to find and kill the leader of demons and find a cure for his sister to turn back into a human.


In contrast to the first impression, this review is going to have a lot more positives for this anime because I can’t express how engrossed I was throughout the whole season.

First I want to talk about the plot of the anime. Like I said in my first impression as well, the story is extremely common. At the root of it, the anime is literally just a group of people appointed to slay some demons and the main character has some revenge with the main demon. However, they way they have portrayed the whole plot has been quite an adventure. By giving us different demons with different kinds of powers along with different demon slayers with different level of abilities. I also noticed how the anime wastes no time beating around the bush and is always to the point in showing what they have to show. The creators don’t create much drama away from the main plot which is actually allows the audience to think more on the lines of the main plot as well.

Now obviously it is important for any anime to have a strong plot line or else it is bound to fail. And considering that this anime is so basic at its’ root is what probably makes this a modern day main stream anime. And the best part about main stream anime is the great fan base that comes along with it. This allows people to follow up on what is expected to come in the future as well as allwingthe audience to start loving each character seperately. And this anime does know how to portray its’ supporting characters by giving ample time to characters like Zenitssu, Inosuki, etc. So, people are given more chance to like characters apart from Tanjiro.

Coming to the best part of the anime which I can’t help but to mention: the animation. This is by far the best art and animation quality I’ve ever seen for any anime. The smoothness in the movements, the way the show each character’s abilities, the great display of colors, and a lot more add so much to the whole feel of the anime that it just enhances the anime as a whole by tenfold. I believe the animation is what is solely responsible for the anime’s success because not only does it made the anime more pleasign to the eye but it also enhances fight scenes.

The anime had a slight tinge of humor to it which made it more fun to watch. The ending created some great suspense for future seasons and it really brought out excitement for a strong villian. By showing the Hashira’s we get to see the strongest of the Demon Slayer corps and that was really amazing to watch because you could see how powerful they are simply through their chartacters and personality. So in just this one season they were able to give a slight insight on the strongest of the demon slayers as well as the strongest among the demons as well which really shows you that you caqn expect some epic future actiomn scenes.

The opening and ending songs were very enjoyable as well. I still don’t see this anime as “anime of the decade” caliber. But, I’m definitely a huge fan of the plot and animation and I’m genuinely excited to see what future seasons have in store for us. Overall great.


I would give this anime 4/5 stars.

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