Kimetsu no Yaiba: First Impression: “A unique common story”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. I know the corona virus scare is affecting everyone. I hope everyone stays healthy. I’ve just been sitting in my room for the last week or so and doesn’t look like I’ll be doing anything different in the next few coming weeks either. If anyone is too bored then just hit me up on Facebook or Instagram because I’m equally as bored (@__modz__ or Rahul Mody). So, let’s begin with the first impression of the “best anime of the decade”.

After a very long time I’ve caught up with all my ongoing anime allowing me to finally start a new anime. And of course I wasn’t going to start anything else before I finally watched Demon Slayer. Now, I have some really mixed opinions about this anime that I want to discuss.

First let’s talk about the story. This is really the most basic action story that you can have for any anime. The anime is literally called “Demon Slayer” where there are a group of people who protect the citizens by slaying demons. You can’t have anything more straight forward than that. But, that’s not where the anime is lacking. Because I’ve seen only 3 episodes of the anime so far and I can safely say that even thought the anime may seem to be straightforward, the way that they are presenting the story is one of the most unique methods of portrayal. The anime in just 3 episodes is able to deliver a level of hype that most anime require the whole season to develop. Everything from the base story of what happened to Tanjiro’s family to his resolve to save his sister to the training to the people he has met along the way are all so unique and that is what really makes this anime special.

Now coming to the best thing this anime has to offer: the animation quality. The anime has some of the best quality in terms of animation and this is very evident in the way they show the environment and the way that they show their fight scenes. Everything is so crystal clear and the smoothness in the motion of each and every character and each and every item in the anime adds to much to the whole feel of the anime. More than the story, more than the music, and more than anything else, this anime’s animation quality is what stands out the most for me and is what really keeps me at awe.

The supporting characters so far seem interesting but the anime hasn’t really given us much to relate to so that we can really admire them. I’m talking about characters like Giyu and Sakonji who had limited screen time. I do hope we get to learn more about them later on because they seem like really cool characters who can have huge fan bases as well (you see how low my knowledge is about this anime).

The music of the anime is also great so far. The opening and ending songs are a great listen and the music for training, fights, etc. really add to the whole anime experience. I am waiting to see what makes this anime ‘different’ and what makes it deserving of its’ title of ‘best anime of the year’. This is a short first impression but this is all I could get from the first 3 episodes. Let’s see what the future episodes have to offer.

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