The Promised Neverland| Anime| “If the great escape was made into an anime but creepy.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


A futuristic setting where orphans are living a great life in an orphanage home. Emma, Ray, and Norman are best friends who are also class toppers. They have been leading a very lavish life in their orphanage under the care of their “mom”, Isabella. However, everything changes after Ray and Norman witness the true meaning behind this lavish lifestyle. The orphans are being raised as food for demons. And so, Emma, Ray, and Norman design an escape plan to leave the orphanage along with their fellow orphans.


This is a great anime. With a unique plot, great story design, some unexpected twists, and an awesome element of mystery, this anime doesn’t fall short of coming in my top 10 favourite anime.

Starting off, we get to see the orphans living a grand life with great food, services, friends, etc. Their “mom” seems like the nicest lady ever who dedicates her life to taking the utmost care of her children. This was a great setup for what’s to come. The scene that Ray and Norman witnessed of Connie was the turning point in the anime where you realise that this is no longer just any ordinary anime. And that scene has become quite famous in the anime universe as well not only because it was super sad but the fact that the anime actually even showed the body after everything was done. So, it was clear to expect that the anime was not going to shy away from showing some gore. And that for me is what made this anime different from any other mystery or escape anime.

The characters of Emma, Norman, and Ray were absolutely awesome. Not only were they shown as smart kids from the very beginning but also their planning and love for their fellow orphans resonates in the eyes of the viewers. You can’t help but feel the love and pain that they feel. At the same time, the way they acted in front of Isabella to make her not suspect them of planning an escape just gave you a feeling of a rock in the stomach because deep down you just knew that Isabella already knew what’s going on. The most teeth-clenching scene had to be the final escape scene when they used the fire diversion to escape with everyone. Seeing all the orphans believe Emma and Ray regarding the secrets of the orphanage was heartfelt even though the orphanage did nothing but treat them right. The whole scene where they are running along the wall and using a ropes to get to the other side was nerve-racking and was fit for an amazing escape scene.

The death of Norman deserves a separate paragraph in itself. The anime did nothing but purposely force you to love Norman before snatching him away from us and killing him. The way he climbed the wall and saw no hope for escape, his great intelligence, his love for Emma, etc. everything about Norman was just so heartwarming and loveable. You could see that more than anyone, he wanted everyone to get out of there alive and he had the most hope. Another character that needs notice is Krone. She is nothing but the creepiest anime character I have ever seen. With her weird stares, her creepy presence, and her scary demeanour does justice for her role and just adds another element of fear into the anime. The way she watches over Ray and Emma like a hawk is another thing that just gets your heart racing all the time as well.

Another part about this anime that can either make it break it is the fact if it is going to have a season 2 or not. There are so many aspects of the anime that have been left unanswered, that I will be genuinely mad if they just leave us like this. The demons, the other orphanages, where the orphans land up, and many more things are still left as a mystery in the anime and are things I definitely need answers to. Still, I do love the added suspense in the anime. The twists are another part of the anime that can’t go unrecognised. The betrayal by Ray was a HUGE shock for me and had my jaw dropped on the floor. At the same time, all the planning done by Isabella made her a real monster. And, I still debate why she didn’t justly finished Ray and Emma off much earlier when she’s knew what was going on behind her back. Again, more unanswered questions.

I really hope this anime has a season 2. The animation quality was really good and the opening and ending songs were creat listens as well. This anime is a definite suggestion from me although I’m sure most people have already seen it. Overall amazing.


I would give this anime 5/5 stars.

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