Itaewon Class| Korean Drama| “Not your average revenge story.”

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Park Saeroyi is a normal high school student aspiring to be a policeman. However, an encounter with a spoiled rich kid, Jang Geun Won, who happens to be the son of the owner of the company that his father works at, takes a turn for the worst. Soon, after his father dies due to an accident, Park Saeroyi is put into jail for assaulting Jang Geun Won after he finds that Geun Won was the person involved in the accident. After being released from jail, Park Saeroyi decides to open a restaurant of his own to go up against Guen Won’s father, Jang Dae Hee who is also determined to bring Park Saeroyi to his knees.


This is probably my second favourite Kdrama for a lot of reasons. Not only is it a good mix of revenge, romance, and drama but this Kdrama also has an element of scenic beauty as well which just makes the overall experience of watching this all the more enjoyable.

Starting off, I feel the show began very well. We get to see a happy family, Park Saeroyi and his father, go through the motions of life. However, it all changes and thus begins the descent of Park Saeroyi into the depths of anger. After we get to see him act so heroically by protecting a fellow classmate from a rich, spoilt bully, you cant help but to love his character. This scenario sets up the whole “hero-villain” equation very well and allows for the audience to take sides very quickly. In a short period of time (short as in one episode even though each episode is over an hour long), the Kdrama also gets us attached to the father as he seems to be a genuinely good person at heart, a great father, and an amazing mentor as well. Even after his own son gets expelled from high school, he doesn’t get angry and rather supports his son for doing the right thing and resigns from the company he dedicated his life for. And of course, what does every show like to do with the character you go “aww” for? That’s right, they play with your emotions. So, after the death of Saeroyi’s father, we get to see how he slowly starts loosing himself after discovering that the Geun Won was involved in the accident. We get to see an intense scene where Saeroyi was debating the murder of Geun Won after beating him up badly. The scene was as realistic as things cans get in terms of frustration, sadness, grieve, and anger. Soon, because of Jang Dae Hee’s power and Park Saeroyi’s powerlessness, he is placed into jail where he gets plenty of time to think, reflect, and carefully plan out his actions for after being released from prison. I’m not going to lie, but seeing the scene where Park Saeroyi says he can no longer be a policeman broke my heart because it felt like he reached an all time low at that point and he had no where else to go but up.

In this next part, I want to talk about how the years pass by. This show really skips many years ahead in various scenes to accelerate the plot line far ahead as soon as possible. Oh Soo Ah, the woman Park Saeroyi dedicated his life for, seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting. She took complete advantage of the fact that Saeroyi would never stop loving her and played with his feelings as well. No matter how much I say she was beautiful, it doesn’t change the fact that from inside she had gotten extremely greedy, cocky, and rude and this ended up in her having to face massive karma after the entrance of Jo Yi Seo. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Yi Seo, I couldn’t help but feel happy that there was some dramatic romance stirring up amidst this revenge filled show. It changed the linear plot line of the KDrama and led to a more wholesome yet emotional development. The whole dinner scene with all three of them together was a clear example of good quality drama. Further, seeing Park Saeroyi sand his shop grow was an absolute treat. I love how he channelled all his negativity and anger into defeating Jangga Co., the pride of Geun Won and his father. In this battle, we see that Park Saeroyi made some amazing moves like investing all his money into Jangga Co. stocks, getting his old high school friend, who is an ultra-genius, to invest in stocks, getting a big celebrity like Yi Seo to work in his company, etc. Not to forget, the introduction scene for Yi Seo made her look like such a badass but I felt it was just a bit too extra. And the meeting between Saeroyi and Yi Seo for a second time encompassed the “destiny” aspect of the plot very well.

Finally, coming to the end of the show. Seeing both, Park Saeroyi and Jang Dae Hee, go all out in trying to defeat each other shows what the show is really about. We get to see Geun Won fall to absolutely nothing as he is completely disregarded by his father. And after all, we get t see Park Saeroyi and Soo-ah maintain a professional, friend relationship even though Soo-ah is nothing but regretful and jealous for losing out on Saeroyi. The final fight scene was a bit too much for me. I feel that after seeing such an intellectual and professional battle between Park Saeroyi and Jang Dae Hee, this ruthless fist fight was nothing short of being immature and borderline over-exaggerated. However, the show did kind of recover by showing a heartfelt moment between Yi Seo and Saeroyi.

The scenic beauty of the town of Itaewon got me super pumped and really triggered my “feel-good” emotions. I do feel the show episodes were super long and stretched out. The side characters, although given a lot of screen time, were definitely overshadowed a lot. But that’s fine because for the moments they were on the screen got you connected to the character for that moment. I did really enjoy watching this and I would definitely recommend this show especially for people who are just getting into Kdrama. Overall really nice.


I would give this Kdrama 3.5/5 stars.

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