Naruto (Ep. 1-19)| Anime| “Finally started and no regrets”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


The introduction and Land of Waves arc. Naruto, a child with no parents or friends has a dark secret. Although his marks are always the lowest, after graduation, his whole life changes once he joins team 7 consisting of Sasuke, Sakura, and himself with the mentorship of Kakashi. They’re called for a mission to act as body guards for Tazuna who is an old man trying to build a bridge which will prove to be development for their poor village. However, it all turns into a battle against Zabuza and Haku who are trying to kill Tazuna.


Yes, you’re seeing all right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. A lot of you may either be thinking “finally” while others will be more like “This guy seriously didn’t see Naruto yet?”. Well, considering I got into anime quite late, this wasn’t really the kind of anime I was going for simply because of how long the anime was. I was always the type to prefer shows which were generally under a 100 episodes. However, quarantine really gave me a different perspective and so I decided to finally give this show a go simply so that I can avoid comments like “I’m a fake anime fan” as well as being able to keep up with the memes and Naruto fan base. I always did know how amazing this anime is the only thing that threw me off was the length. Nonetheless, let’s move on with the review of these episodes.

Starting off, I wanna talk about Naruto’s character. As far as I’ve seen, Naruto is a great protagonist who had a very rough childhood but definitely possesses some insane power. This tells us that as Naruto’s action scenes progress we will get to see better action, more unravelling of his powers, and more character development overall. Even after being someone who has such a rough childhood, we never get to see him throwing tantrums or making an uncomfortable environment for anyone. Rather, he stays fixed to his goal and inspires others who may not even be in a condition worse than his own. The story so far shows us how much Naruto may act like a hyperactive kid on the outside but in reality he’s a mature, goal-oriented character on the inside. One thing I caught onto immediately was how much Asta’s (from Black Clover) is similar to Naruto’s character. The whole concept of having no family, aiming to be the the captain (like hokage), personality, style,secret power, etc. really has an uncanny resemblance to that of Naruto. I guess the only big difference would be how Asta posses no magical power at all whereas Naruto possesses an insane amount of chakra that he has yet to unleash. As a protagonist, you couldn’t ask for a more ideal character (so far into the show) and this makes me really excited to see how he’s going to grow up to where he is today (as in Boruto).

Coming to the plot of this arc. Since I saw Boruto, I was able to quickly notice how the entire beginning of Boruto is the EXACT same as Naruto however, much more boring. Because unlike in Boruto where I got bored out of my mind pushing me to quit the show, Naruto’s beginning actually got me emotionally invested into the show. Seeing Naruto’s tough past made me sad but seeing how hard he works and how much potential he has made me feel happy as well. This roller coaster of emotions is what’s really needed in an anime for the audience to call it “amazing “ and so far, the anime is truly living up to its name. A great way to get Sasuke and Sakura into the show as well by forming the team 7. Under Kakashi Sensei (amazing character so far), we get to see the real first bonding of our beloved anime trio. The whole assessment that Kakashi gave to them was really nerve-racking and got me excited to see what the kids would plan. And how they formed a slight bond at the end definitely put a smile on my face. Immediately progressing into the mission, the anime seems to waste no time in bringing to us new plots even though there are plenty of unnecessary blank scenes. We all know that there are plenty of pauses in scenes of absolute silence where you are supposed to feel more emotion or intensity. However, there are multiple times I have noticed where there are blank moments that add no value to the show. Although I have no complaints at the moment, if the anime doesn’t live up to its hype throughout, I can see this becoming a hinderance to capturing my attention.

Now to the action scene involving Team 7 and Kakashi against Zabuza and Haku. This was a great fight. Not only do we get to see Kakashi use Sharingan for the first time with great skill and technique but we also get to witness a glimpse of what to expect from Naruto’s power. Sakura was a pretty useless throughout the fights. But Sasuke really proved his dominance in terms of raw talent. Also, we get to see Sasuke evolve as a person as he sacrifices his life for Naruto in the fight against Haku. That was a really heart-warming moment that I’m sure is appreciated by the anime community to this day. Zabuza was definitely a strong opponent who tried his utmost best to defeat Kakashi. And we can’t call him a bad person either because his actions were only under someone’s orders and people do what they have to do to earn some money. The way Kakashi outsmarted Zabuza in the end of the second fight and then completely destroyed him had me smiling and laughing like a crazy person. How can I forget to mention Sasuke and Naruto’s amazing move in the first fight against Zabuza that completely got him defeated as well. The end of the fight showed us the good side of Zabuza and the power of Naruto’s words over even a Jonin.

I don’t blame the animation quality considering the time of this anime and I can only see it getting better. The opening song was a fun listen. I will be reviewing the episodes based on their arcs as it will be easier to do so. I am super excited to get on with this anime and to see what makes it so popular. Don’t be like me, don’t be intimidated by the length, just go for it! Overall, excited.


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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