Crash Landing on You| Korean Drama| “A divided by borders romance.”

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A freaking wind causes Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean fashion entrepreneur, to have an emergency landing in the De- Militarised Zone of North Korea. Here, she meets Jeong-hyeok, who realises the mistake and offers help to get her back to South Korea. However, things get complicated as people start becoming wary of this suspicious women. At the same time, Se-ri needs to return immediately to take over her father’s business while siblings are trying to ensure it never happens.


A romance story with a bunch of things that go against the romance. Although the story may seem cool and unique, at the end of the day that’s the best way to summarise it. While I did enjoy this show for the most part, there was a lot of down for this show as well.

Starting off, both Se-ri and Jong-hyeok are very good looking. And I wont deny, they look great with each other. The whole plot of Se-ri being pushed all the way till the DMZ in North Korea was over the top and made it look more like a “fantasy romance” but I think that’s what captures the essence of the show. A romance with a connection beyond the realms of reality. Because while they both may have been separated by enemy borders for their whole life, in reality they’ve never really been “away” from each other and time and time again, destiny has proved this fact. The main concepts of this show is destiny itself and if you look besides the fictional parts, you’ll really come to appreciate a deep and meaningful romance.

The highlight of this show has to be the 4 supporting characters whose names I still can not remember. They add such a great comedy element in the show and honestly, every time they were on screen, my attention increased fourfold at least. It was always great fun when they were up to some mischief or tasks and this honestly, was the the portion of the show that prevented it from being super boring. Other than these guys, supporting characters like family members of Se-ri and Ri Jeong had plenty of screen time as well and were actually members of the main story line too. So, no negativity in regards to the story being focused only on a few people.

Of course, the couple of Seo Dan and Gu Seung Jun can not go unrecognised as well. The love story of them getting together was also nothing short of cute and romantic. It was fun to see them both slowly developing more and more feelings for each other. Especially Seo Dan who was typically only dedicated to Ri Jeong. It was a nice bit of comedy that turned into an immense amount of sadness in the last few episodes. The show did a great job in playing with our emotions regarding these two. From hate to love to sadness. I really appreciate it when a show can play with my feelings like this because it just enhances the whole feel of the show.

Coming to a slightly more darker element to this show. Se-ri’s family seems to be a little bit psycho about their business and are even willing to sacrifice family to get what they want. A lot of respect for Se-ri going up against her dad’s business and becoming a self-made, independent woman. Her father recognised how great she was and gave her the position she deserved. However, seeing her siblings made me feel a tremendous amount of pity for her and just made me wish that she gets the life she deserves and worked hard for. That said, the many story lines going on simultaneously ensured that this show didn’t get to streamlined on one thing and made things slightly more interesting. Also, the main villain was quite interesting with his goal in mind and his determination to take down Se-ri. So, that was a good addition to the battle for romance as well.

There were many times in this show as well where I felt very bored. Sometimes the plot was progressing way too slowly and a lot of times, scenes were just being repeated over and over again. More than anything, I found the action scenes to be a bit over the top even though it was quite entertaining. Nevertheless, watching the 4 supporting characters come to South Korea was an absolute treat to watch as it was absolutely hilarious. The music in the show was quite elegant and beautiful to listen to. It added a great element to this show which I highly appreciate. I would recommend this K-drama because despite all its’ darkness and negativity, it was still a wholesome romance that got me feeling all gooey inside. Overall, not bad.


I would give this K-Drama 3.5/5 stars.

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