Psycho Pass (Season 1)| Anime| “A dark and boring anime.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Set in the future, Japan is under the Sibyl System that maintains peace and order in society. This is enforced with the help of inspectors. There are enforcers as well who are convicted criminals that are given permission to help with the inspectors to capture other criminals. However, an error in the system allows one man to run free of any consequences to his evil actions. The inspectors and enforcers must di anything they can out of the Sibyl System to stop him while also learning more about this system.


A lot of mixed opinions about this show. For the most part, while I do appreciate the action and plot, the story was bland and boring. I couldn’t come to appreciate the dark theme this anime was a going for and that caused me to find myself losing focus and in worst cases falling asleep.

First off, while the main plot of the story was related to the catching of our villain, Makishima, I do feel that this plot is overshadowed by the Sibyl System. We dwell more into the secrets of the reliability of this system and the people working behind it. Of course, our main character, Akane, an exemplary student, learns more of the deep and dark secrets behind the Sibyl System but I came here to watch a regular high-tech, action anime and that’s where I felt the anime lacked. While whatever action was portrayed to us was pretty intense and fun to watch, it was certainly not up to the mark considering most of the screen time was related to Akane being juggled between the enforcers and the Sibyl System.

Next, coming up to the character of Kougami. Now here’s an anime I want to watch. With Kougami as the main star and a full background story of where he comes from and what he’s done to reach that point in the anime. I feel like that would build up the intensity and quality of action in the anime for sure. While Akane is by no means a “boring” character because its fun to watch her struggle with her life changing dilemma. It still doesn’t change the fact that the show was dominated with Kougami’s great action and a desperate attempt at looking beyond the title of an enforcer. Although, the whole ending where he tries to take matters into his own hands was just a stretched out plot design, the beginning portions of the anime would’ve forced me to quit without him.

One of the biggest areas that the anime lacked in was character development. I felt that the side characters were very under represented and this caused us to be able to enjoy a selected few characters. We get a slight back story of Akane, Kougami, Makishima, and others but it wasn’t enough for the audience to empathise with their emotions. I couldn’t even relate much to the side characters because of limited screen time. But even whatever was shown didn’t allow me to make any of them a “favourite” character in my eyes.

I don’t feel like there’s much to discuss more about this anime. I had a lot of expectations because I heard good reviews but it didn’t really hit the mark for me. The opening and ending songs were very average as well. The animation was just regular, nothing spectacular. With my expectations low for a short second season I expect my response to be quite different. And now that I know the show should’ve been called “Sibyl System”, I’ll be going into the season with different expectations of my own as well. Although I feel that there might be people who appreciate this show a lot because of the fact that there is such a well developed system with such an intricate past story. So, I guess I would recommend this anime to those set of people. Overall below average.


I would give this season of the anime 2/5 stars.

7 thoughts on “Psycho Pass (Season 1)| Anime| “A dark and boring anime.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bruh you should try to be less harsh about something that did not ‘live up to YOUR expectations’. Try judging this beautiful show with a clearer mind next time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • reviewitweb says:

      Thank you very much for giving me a different perspective! Well, maybe my mindset and view at the time pushed me to lean towards a more harsh review. Of course it’s just one opinion in comparison to many others. This anime wouldn’t be as famous as it is if it was “boring”. However, it was just not the kind of anime style that I personally prefer. Thank you regardless!


  2. Oh men says:

    I regretted download this masterpiece of shit.
    My expectations were never close to being met.
    The main character!!! Don’t even get me started on that one…
    Everyone’s ideology in the show, was somewhat controversial and illogical…
    I rate this anime 1 on 5 and that is a take.

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    • reviewitweb says:

      Yep, I see how this anime has a hate-love relationship with everyone. I guess my review really related to you on this then because I didn’t enjoy any part of this season as well. Thanks for your views! 🙂


  3. Anukriti Kumar says:

    I dunno how I stumbled upon this boring of a review. Dark ? yes ….But boring? No….like NOT Even Close. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea! You clearly missed the pot moreover things that the anime had to offer.
    The emphasis of such genre’D anime is not to entertain you but open your eyes towards the depths of human nature and society. The way we think, how we perceive things, our behavior towards our own race on a verge of danger, power, politics, helplessness, being stuck in a system.
    The writer of this blog obviously has no taste for anime nor for critique. Obliviously, people who are more into mainstream anime like Naruto, bleach etc will find a little off. But calling this art of an anime Boring !?….Is the most bizarre things I’ve read. FYI the anime has a 8.2 rating and upon release had a 8.9 rating. There is a reason why this anime is still one of the best anime stories. The writer better start researching more start watching anime with an open mind.

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    • reviewitweb says:

      Thank you so much for your views! I’m always open to having opposing views on my critique and it’s great to know your opinion on this. However, while I can safely say Naruto or bleach aren’t even in my top 10 of favourite anime, this anime just wasn’t the story or vibe that suited me. I do see how it appeals to a different kind of crows (ratings speak for itself) but this a review was based on my own experience and views and honestly, I found myself doing off more than glued to the screen.

      On the other hand, I guess taste is relative based on what you consider “interesting” and as for critiquing, this is genuinely how I found the anime. There could be 100 different people who could try to convince me otherwise but it wouldn’t change the fact that this is how I felt after watching the anime. I’m sure the anime had a much deeper meaning for you than it did for me and that’s just a difference in perspective and a difference in how we watch anime as a person.

      Thank you again for your views on my review. Although this post may have put you off I do hope the other posts give you some more relatability and enjoyment! 😀


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