Angels of Death| Anime| “Boring anime with meaningful ending.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Rachel Gardner wakes up in the basement of a building with no memories of how she got there. She meets Zack, a bandaged murderer who is also trying to escape from the building. Rachel Gardner has no desire to live and tells Zack that she’ll help him get out with the promise of Zack killing her after they escape. However, on each floor till the exit, they must fight off the floor masters who are more evil and creepy than the previous. And, it seems that Rachel knows these people as well.


While I do love the concept and meaning behind the anime, it doesn’t change the fact that for the most part, I found the anime to be extremely slow and boring. The anime may have had a solid plot line but lacked the push that would convert that to a solid overall anime.

Starting off, the first episode seemed quite interesting to me. A lifeless Rachel Gardner, put into a dungeon like building to fend for her life. But, in reality it’s just her wishing she could die after witnessing a brutal murder. The lack of desirability to live is shown when she confronts Zack for the first time and begs him to kill her. And it is this attitude that attracts Zack and causes him to find a keen interest in her. There are multiple times in the show where you think the anime will go back to being sorta predictable and pointless. But, from the very beginning til the end, there is no change in the attitudes of the character. Rachel always wishes to die and Zack always wishes to kill. And the only way Zack can achieve leaving the dungeon is to use Rachel’s intelligence. So, while Rachel might have the desire to die, there is still someone who is solely dependent on her. And I think this is the motive of the anime. To change the opinion of a lifeless person to achieve meaning in life and further find the desire to live. And the fact that even though that would’ve happened in a majority of anime but not in this one makes this a unique and dark concept.

While you may be wondering how I found something so unique to be boring, I must tell you that the only unique part of the anime was the deep meaning behind the story. On the surface of it, the anime as a whole was quite boring. The back stories, the conversations, the interactions, the character development, the action scenes, were all sub par at best and didn’t stand out for me in any way. It never made my jaw drop or made me think twice to give me the excited feeling. There were many times where the conversations got so boring that I was nearly falling asleep. The show also felt extremely repetitive with one psychopath coming after the other followed by Rachel using her brain and Zack using his brawn to defeat the psychopaths. That being said, the deeper meaning behind the anime did get me thinking after the show was complete and I will give the creators that.

One major thing I’ll give this anime is the ending. Not only was it a big shock for me but it also had me thinking days after I finished the anime. And I give this added suspense an applause because the abrupt ending really did a great job to produce this. After the huge turn of events with Danny, Rachel’s therapist, we see a huge change in attitudes of both Zack and Rachel. Rachel starts having to use her own conscious to find a medicine to heal Zack, while Zack, who clearly lacks intelligence, is made to believe that Rachel isn’t as innocent as he thinks she is. And when scenarios get out of hand, Rachel is forced to shoot Danny and further plans to shoot Zack as well. However, Zack brings her back to her senses and finally after escaping they go their separate ways. Zack to prison and Rachel to a mental facility. However, Zack stays true to his promise. In my interpretation of the anime, I feel Zack died and came back as an angel to Rachel and assisted her in finally fulfilling his promise of helping her die. And this results in the perfect ending of an anime titled “angels of death”.

The opening and ending songs were fine. The animation quality was good. It isn’t an anime I would really recommend. After a lot of research I found that you only get the full understanding of the anime after playing the game that the anime is based on. However, as someone who didn’t play the game, these are my views. Give it a shot if you’re interested in an average plot portrayal with a dark and deep meaning. Overall, it was fine.


I would give this anime 2.5/5 stars.

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