Naruto (Ep. 68-80)| Anime| “So much action.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


The Konoha Crush arc. Orochimaru plans to completely distort the hidden leaf village leading to a war with big fights.


Another great arc with some of the best action I’ve seen. There are multiple fights going on at the same time which makes this whole arc literally action packed. All at once you have Rock and Kamkshi fighting various lower level ninjas, Orochimaru vs the Hokage, Sasuke vs Gaara, and later Naruto vs Gaara. Although this is a relatively shorter arc, it is definitely not something to sleep on because these episodes had me on the edge of my seat and had me smiling constantly.

In the initial episodes, we see the true identity of the Kasukage. One major flaw I saw in this was that they overhyped Orochimaru’s power way too much. Of course, the whole reveal of Orochimaru was something amazing and the back story of the relationship between Orochimaru and the Hokage was even better. But, during the course of the fight between the two, it felt as though the Hokage’s power was highly undervalued. While he may have been using some insanely high level jutsus and techniques, as someone who has never seen the anime before can’t appreciate the level of moves that’s the Hokage was pulling. Rather, I was able to appreciate Orochimaru’s power much more as he brought out the souls of the first two Hokage. Further, as the fight progressed, we come to a standstill when the Hokage is trying to extract Orochimaru’s souls while the latter is trying to put an end to the Hokage. This standstill lasts way too long unnecessarily and actually gave me a good chuckle even though the scene was meant to be taken in all seriousness. The stretched out action scene didn’t contribute to any suspense, as I assume they expected, and only got me annoyed. However, the scene just before the whole thing came to an end, the Hokage’s quick thinking had me at awe. As Orochimaru shouted in despair I was shocked to see an amazing element of story development so well displayed.

Of course, we can’t sleep on how powerful Sasuke has become. His special training with Kakashi really paid off when he used Chidori twice and even gave Gaara a hard time. Of course, the curse given to him by Orochimaru prevented us from seeing him fight till his very end but I guess that was for the best because we got to see the best display of action from our protagonist. I’ll discuss that in the next paragraph. Sakura also wasnt completely useless in this arc as well. Seeing her jump in front of Sasuke, putting her life on the line to protect her friend was a truly heart-warming moment. And she also acted as the source of Naruto’s power. So, even though people might say she was just captured and didn’t do anything for the whole duration, without her there would be no solid plot. One negative of this was that the scene of Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi’s summoned dog trying to catch up to Sasuke was also unnecessarily prolonged. You would think that in a small 13 episode arc such actions would not be taken but it was quite the opposite. Time and time again I mention how the anime is so unnecessarily stretched out with its scenes that it sometimes gets you bored as well.

Now, coming to the biggest treat of this arc. The fight between Naruto and Gaara. This was an absolute spectacle of a battle. Not only because we get to see some insanely high level of fighting but also because for the first time we get to see every character appreciate Naruto for his hard work and latent power. The way he brought out all of his training from Jiraiya into the battle showed us how capable Naruto is that it brought a huge smile to my face. The large number of shadow clones, summoning of the chief toad, use of his nine tails power, his will and determination, etc. all added to what I believe was one of the top action scenes in anime history. And as the episodes progress, I can’t imagine how many more such scenes are there.

As a special mention, I want to talk about the fight between Kankuro and Shino. We see a great demonstration of battle techniques and intelligence by Shino and a classic case of overconfidence by Kanzuro and this fight shouldn’t go unnoticed. Finally, we also get to see a hint of Itachi, Sasuke’s main rival. I already do know some things about this scene from my friends but I don’t want to give out any spoilers. But, the plot continues to thicken and develops in the most fabulous of manners. The opening and ending songs were both great listens. The Naruto sound track is probably one of the best anime sound tracks. I can’t wait to see more. Overall great.


I would give these episodes of the anime 4/5 stars.

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