Naruto (Ep. 81-106)| Anime| “A maturing plot.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, fun, and safe week. So, let’s begin.


This is the search for Tsunade arc. With the death of the 3rd Hokage, Jiraiya has been offered the position of the new Hokage. However, he feels Tsunade is more fit for such a role. Thus, Naruto and Jiraiya set out to search for one of the legendary Sannin’s, Tsunade.

At the same time, a new criminal organization called Akatsuki is out in search to capture Naruto due to his possession of the nine tails power.

Orochimaru is also on the look out for Tsunade to help get his arms fixed so that he can perform Jutsus.


This arc of the anime was the exact kind of plot development I was looking for. No longer are we fixated on seeing just a kid develop into a Hokage but rather we are seeing development of our main plot with great action and great character development.

Firstly coming to Jiraiya and Naruto’s journey of searching for Tsunade. As soon as the cameras went off Naruto, the plot suddenly became mature (as I said in my title). With things getting serious after the pass ain’t of the 3rd Hokage, the village must search for a new Hokage and no one is taking this matter lightly. As a matter of fact, even Naruto suddenly turns to a more mature side where he portrays his willingness and eagerness to learn more from Jiraiya. The whole process of Naruto learning the rasengan was very refreshing. Seeing him combine his will, talent, determined attitude, etc. into weeks of training only to finally impress and win over even Tsunade immediately was great to watch. And not only did we just get to see him train and find his own way to use Rasengan but we also got to see him use it effectively in battle. This part of this arc didn’t allow the anime to get too serious and maintained a level of humour that was necessary to change the mood the the viewer. How Jiraiya is made to look like a “Pervy-sage” but is in reality a genius is what really stands out for me.

The next part of this arc that needs a special mention his Akatsuki. Not only do we finally get to see the man who betrayed the entire Uchiha clan but we also get to see a demonstration of power beyond the levels of what we’ve seen in the anime before. In the first encounter between Itachi and Kakashi, I was left at awe seeing the use of Mangekyou Sharingan. And to see Kakashi be defeated to easily (and apparently quickly) only showed me a glimpse of what to expect at the higher levels of action in the future. Later, we get to see an even more epic battle of Jiraiya against the two Akatsuki members (including Itachi). This was another display of sheer power but by Jiraiya. Because while I was sitting and believing that Itachi was on another level of his own, Jiraiya clearly dominated the field with two such amazingly strong members of Akatsuki. We got to see a glimpse into Jiraiya’s power as well and it definitely had me glued to the screen. The plot further deepens as Itachi has learned to use a move called Amaterasu which breaks through Jiraiya’s “unbreakable” wall. The interaction between Sasuke and Itachi was nothing short of a taunt to the audience. It was as if the show was saying, “You haven’t seen anything yet.” And it was this fight that made me realise how far our main characters have to go before they can even be considered as “competition” for the enemies.

In the next segment of the arc, we get to see a marvellous fight of Orochimaru against Jiraiya and Tsunade. In my opinion, if Jiraiya hadn’t been drugged, he would’ve wiped the floor with Orochimaru and finished the anime right there. However, for the purpose of plot development, we get to see Tsunade take matters into her own hands and her plan back fires. Naruto did not allow the 3 sanins waste his time to shine as he demonstrates great power and determination to protect Tsunade from facing her absolute fear and from dying. This fight sets the pace for what to expect in the coming arcs as well.

The arc ends with 6-7 filler episodes which weren’t too bad as well. It was a good change of pace from all the plot and character development. it felt good to see our characters take a break. And it was also nice to see a slow transition of Tsunade as the new Hokage. I am pumped to see more of this anime. I’m having a great time and I’m glad I finally started this. The opening and ending songs were absolutely awesome. Some of my favourite anime songs so far. Overall amazing.


I would give this arc of the anime 4.5/5 stars.

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