Naruto (Ep. 107-135)| Anime| “A battle of friendship and brotherhood.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


As Sasuke’s thirst for revenge grows, it coincides with his jealousy for Naruto’s quick improvement. As Orochimaru is in search for a new vessel, he finally makes his move and tempts Sasuke with the promise of more power. Now that Sasuke has left the Hidden Leaf Village, it is up to Naruto and his team to get him back.


Firstly, I want to make some more generalised statements about the anime before I go into the specifics. The plot line of the story is great. Not only did it change from an immature Naruto story to something way more mature and detailed but also, the stories of each arc are so well interconnected that you realise no part is really “insignificant” in this show. The reason I mention this ‘interconnected’ factor is because while we had the new Hokage come in the last arc, this arc dealt with the problems Sasuke is facing in his life. And it is not as though this is something completely new to us. Over the episodes, we’ve seen Sasuke be the top student of his class, decline in power, get badly injured, saved by Naruto, fight and lose against Gaara, get destroyed mentally and physically by Itachi, and a lot more. All these incidents over time lead to him breaking down and desire more power. Naruto becoming stronger than him and learning some strong moves was just the tipping point for him. The way Kakashi explains how people who seek revenge end up having no meaning to life after completing their goal was one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever heard in anime. The dialogues in this anime are amazing and that is owed to the mature plot line and great characters that we have.

Now, coming more to the specifics. The unspoken hero of Naruto, Shikamaru, does not deserve to go unnoticed. Every arc, this character proves his worth in the anime with his intelligence and skills. His laid back attitude may not show his seriousness but in this arc, the way he spoke about Sasuke nearly brought a tear to my eye. Seeing him lead his first mission was an absolute treat to watch because the planning was so well executed that you can’t help but forget that this is their first ever mission alone. Further, after the entire mission is complete, the way Shikamaru says that he will quit being a Shinobi may make it seem like he’s ‘giving up’, but it’s the tears from his father’s words afterwards that shows you how much he genuinely cared for his team and how much he regretted failing the mission.

Next, coming to the battles. I loved the concept of 5 separate 1v1 battles. We not only get to safe every single character fight to their fullest extent but we also see them fight till their utmost limit of ability. We get to see the true strength of Choji, who had always been mocked; the true determination of Neji, who had always been considered cocky; Kiba, who I honestly have no words for because his fight was actually quite boring in my opinion; Shikamaru, which was again another big brain battle; and finally Naruto, who is the highlight of this arc which I will discuss later on. Further, we also get to see the entry of Rock Lee which nearly made me cry again. Seeing him up and running was so heart warming that I couldn’t help but be at awe to see him fighting. And, the anime didn’t fail to make him stand out even after he has just returned. With the “drunken fists” battle style, we get to see one of Rock Lee’s best fights (he seems to have a lot of those) as he squares off against an insanely strong enemy. Also, seeing the entry of Gaara and his team was also really nice to watch as well. To see them repenting for their mistakes and doing their best to make up for it shows the brotherhood in this anime and also brought to us some great ends to some long drawn out fights.

Now, coming to the star of this arc, the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. This was another fight that can go down in the history books as one of the most amazing Anime fight scenes. We not only get to see two people fighting with the most strength ever but the fact that there’s so much talk about friendship and brotherhood just makes the whole fight so much more emotional. Seeing Sasuke fully use his curse power and Naruto unlock more of the nine tails power was fantastic and allowed for a fight between kids that could be compared beyond any of the Jonin as well. The speed, the techniques, the abilities, and most of all the meaning of the fights were so exemplified and well shown. The animation of the anime only added to the greatness that this fight is. The ending, when they both sued their ultimate power, and we see Kakashi taking Naruto back home was a heavy seen and the anime didn’t shy away from increasing this through the dark atmosphere that it had created. This not only added to an already maturing plot line but also gave scope for more development and potential for more amazing fights in the upcoming arcs.

Finally, we see Sasuke move on to Orochimaru and that’s where the arc finishes. I am really amazed at how amazing this anime is in its’ overall approach. The animation, music, plot, etc. are all fantastic and I seriously can not wait to see more. Highly recommended from me (although I’m sure a vast majority of you have already seen it). Overall amazing.


I would give this arc of the anime 4.5/5 stars.

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