I Care A Lot| Movie| “A psychotic, thriller treat.”

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Marla Grayson earns her living by tricking the judge into giving her guardianship over the elderly who, supposedly, can not care for themselves. This racket earns her a lot of money. But, one day, she picks up a client who just makes her life hell.


This was a great movie. A unique story line with some great characters really tied up to produce this very interesting movie. I watched this movie after I was suggested from my dad and it was safe to say that I was glued onto the screen from the minute I started watching.

A con-woman who tricks the judge into giving her guardianship over the elderly. This was something truly unique to me. And not only was it unique in story but really got me thinking that something like this is truly possible in the real world as well. And I guess that elements of possible realism got me more excited to see what was in store for her. The whole plan she had laid out to drain these elderly of her money was magnificently evil. And, they couldn’t have chosen a better character to play the role. The slightly psychotic yet powerful aura that Marla Grayson gives out adds so much depth into the story. Because throughout the movie, her bravery and psychotic nature only enhance and that process of character development not only had me wondering what happened in her past that made her so desperate for money and so unafraid by the concept of death. This mysteriousness is just a subtle element to the plot twist this movie had to bring.

The best part about the movie would have to be when I found out about the plot twist. As the movie went on, when I saw that the new elderly woman that Marla was going to con was an ex-mafia boss’ mother, my jaw just dropped. Because not only did I not expect this at all but this changed the entire vibe of the movie as well. I honestly didn’t even think the movie would bring in something related to the mafia because usually the way of presenting the movie in such cases is quite different. And it’s kind of difficult to explain what I’m saying but in simple terms I’m saying that most mafia movies come in movies with different vibes than this one. However, this just added a whole other level of thrill to the movie that took the movie to the next level.

As the ex-mafia boss is trying to hide his identity, watching him do everything in his power to try saving his mother was super fun to watch. At the same time, to see Marla not fazed at all made it even more fun to see who would turn out victorious in the end. Although we know that what Marla was doing was terribly wrong, you couldn’t help but hope that the Mafia guys didn’t manage to get her. When Marla gets kidnapped and she comes face to face with the ex-mafia boss, this is where you truly get to see her “psychotic” nature. As she stares him down unafraid in the face of death still unwilling to tell the location of his mother and the diamonds, you can just see how driven by money she is. And through all they tried to do to kill her, by putting alcohol in her stomach, running her car into a lake and trying to drown her, she still survived. Her luck was astounding and it was all very interesting to watch.

Finally, coming to the end of the movie. This is where another huge plot twist happens. After Marla’s amazing plan works out perfectly, she ends up beating the mafia with her girlfriend and finally getting guardianship over the ex-mafia boss as well. When I saw this, my jaw dropped on the floor at the amazing plan she had made. This was something totally unexpected and would have been the absolute most perfect ending. However, the story did get dragged along where the ex-mafia boss made a deal with Marla to work together and eventually in the end Marla was shot and killed. I did find this ending to be quite anti-climatic which was disappointing because the entire movie until the last 30 seconds was an absolute treat to watch. However, all movies must have some “moral” value I guess. They can’t let the evil person win and get everything they want because that would be highly unethical. But, I still can’t get over how driven Marla was by money and how this led her to be a psychopath with an evil yet incredibly smart scam plan to earn a large amount of money.

The movie was directed very beautifully and I would highly recommend watching this movie to everyone. The story line, character development, plot twists, and a lot more were absolutely magnificent. Even the side characters did a great job in adding to the greatness of the film. Overall an awesome movie.


I would give this movie 4/5 stars.

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