Boku No Hero Academia (Season 5)| First Impression| “A much awaited new season.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has been doing good these last weeks. I apologise for the late blog post on account of some exams going on last week. So, let’s begin.

Boku no hero academia is always an awaited season in mine and I’m sure many others’ eyes. However, unlike others, I don’t really follow up on when new seasons are expected to come nor do I read manga to know what’s going to happen ahead of time. So, hearing that a new season of this anime came out yesterday was not only exciting but was also a pleasant surprise to me. And I do have quite mixed opinions about the first episode yet positive expectations about the plot of this season.

Starting off, the episode did a great job in refreshing our memories. Not only did they show us where we left off in terms of the fights that Endeavour and Hawk fought but they also did a recap on almost every student of class 1-A’s powers as well. This was really well done because honestly, I’m the type of person who is usually lost in the first and second episode because I don’t remember what happened in the previous seasons. But, with the help of the recap I was able to remember everything and further enjoy and understand the show without the struggle of trying to remember what happened.

The way the creators made use of an artificially simulated scene to further refresh our memories was an interesting concept as well. However, for some reason I felt like this whole simulation felt quite kiddish and didn’t make me feel like the plot was a mature one or enjoyable one. While we did get to see a great display of powers and improvement, I still felt the first episode lacked in impact and delivery while it improved on humour and content quality. Being able to see the big three in the first episode itself was also quite fun because they always bring an element of enjoyment. And pinning the three up against the whole class of 1-A was an extremely fun idea as well. But, like I said, the episode lacked power as the three were only there to help 1-A improve and didn’t use even a fraction of their power to create some more intense scenes. I don’t particularly mind this but I think it would’ve made a difference.

Some of the great moments of this episode had to be when Bakugo came and beat up Tamaki and the end of the episode. At the end we not only get to see what the season has in store for us but are also left with a lot of suspense and mystery. We get to see an interaction between Endeavour and Hawk with Dabi (coolest looking villain in my opinion) and further, post credits, we also get to see Hawk approach Dabi as if they’re some sort of allies. This did a great job in getting me excited for the upcoming episodes. I also got a glimpse as to what to expect in next weeks episodes and it looks so exciting that I’m super hyped for this season. Although the anime may have started of slightly kiddish I can only expect the plot to mature and be very enjoyable to watch.

Like always, the animation is great and so it the art style. The opening and ending songs are good listens, nothing amazing but enjoyable. Overall, I am excited to see what this season has to offer.

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