Naruto: Shippuden (Ep. 90-143)| Anime| “Just could not stop watching. Flowing tears and jaw dropping moments.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


These episodes of the anime span over 6 arcs including one filler.

The first arc is the filler arc in which there is the appearance of the three tails. Orochimaru and Konoha are fighting to seal the the three tails ands in the process engage in a strong battle while Naruto tries to protect a newly made friend as well.

In the following arcs, Sasuke has not come out from Orochimaru’s hideout and has assembled a team to take down Itachi. With some back story to Kakashi inbetween, the anime follows ninjas from Konoha trying to track down Itachi before Sasuke does while Sasuke is determined to bring Itachi down by himself. The battle between brothers is also interrupted by an arc where Jiraiya visits the village hidden in rain to do some investigation where he relives some moments of his past and has an intense battle against a former student. Finally, Madura Uchiha finally unveils himself to Sasuke and gives a lot of back story behind the founding of Konoha and description to Itachi’s actions.

Before the arcs finished, the anime introduced the 8 tails jinchuriki in a battle against Sasuke and his team. Further, Sasuke and his team ally with Akatsuki to get all the Jinchuriki and help take down Konoha after secrets unveil.


Okay, before getting into this blog I need to explain how the title of this blog justifies the length of this review. Back to back we get to see so many amazing arcs that I just got addicted to the anime and couldn’t get myself to stop for a review for even one episode. Also, that’s why there are so many topics needed to be covered in this blog because of how much the story has developed and gone more into depth.

Starting off with the filler arc. This was a very average arc. With Naruto being the usual overprotective Shinobi over someone he had one interaction with. We do get to see some average fight scenes and also get to see the third tail I didn’t find this arc to really hold much value at all. The only part that really peaked my interest was when the Akatsuki got involved in the situation. For me, it is always a treat to see the Akatsuki because that’s when the story and actions scenes go leaps and bounds into more interesting. Other than that, the arc lacked the push and drive to make the anime go into depth in terms of plot development and maturity. It was just another classic case of change in opinions of the enemy because of Naruto. On the other hand, seeing Naruto’s combination attack was also fun because of how powerful it was but I don’t see it being much more useful in future.

Coming to the next arc which is when the anime really took a turn. First we get to see Deidara and Tobi absolutely destroy the three tails with no additional effort. Further, we see Sasuke not only kill Orochimaru but also go and assemble a team to go up against his lifelong rival, Itachi. This was absolutely fantastic. It showed us how Sasuke has reached another level entirely while at the same time still having hopes that we get to see the much awaited battles soon enough. I do have some opinions about the team that Sasuke assembled. Karin and Jugo were absolutely boring characters in my opinion. No doubt their abilities and potential were great but I just don’t think they added any positive elements to the anime in terms of personality and development. I found them to be quite boring, stale, or single minded. On the other hand, Suigetsu seems a lot more interesting in terms of sheer power as well as personality. He adds a bit of spark to the anime and his history also makes him seem like a much more enjoyable character than the other two. On the other hand, we see the team assembled by Konoha go out and try to find Itachi before Sasuke does in order to save him. This was a fun cat and mouse chase that we get to see as different groups have different goals and it was a race against time. Quite fun but this was a great set up for the amazing stuff the upcoming arcs had in store for us. We see Sasuke get caught up in a fight against Deidara before he finds Itachi. This was just a sheer display of power to the audience as Sasuke forces Deidara to use any and all of his possible moves before Sasuke surprises everyone with some amazing smartness and strength.

Before Sasuke and his team find Itachi, we get to see a few episodes into Kakashi’s past as well. Let’s be honest, everyone loves Kakashi and for the anime to suddenly show so much of his past was an absolute treat. We get to see Obito, Minato, and Rin. Firstly, we get to see why Kakashi suffered so much sadness in his loss. Although not entirely, we see the kind of relations and the kind of person Kakashi was and how different it is from present times. Also, for the first time we get to see the 4th Hokage in action as the Yellow Flash of Konoha. I cant wait till be dig deeper into him and his power as he seems to be full of amazing abilities. This arc really helped us sympathise with Kakashi as a character and it really shows home much of an impact that people like Naruto have had on him as he’s grown as a person. You can’t help to love him more but also leave further suspense as we don’t know all the details of his past yet.

Writing about the next arc still gives me goosebumps as I type this. Jiraiya goes to the Village Hidden in Rain for investigation where he learns about Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki. The anime really hits you in the feels by first making you love the character immensely before taking him away forever. There were a few episodes that discuss the entire history behind Jiraiya. Who he is, what are his powers, why he is always travelling, his love for Tsunade and Orochimaru, his destiny, etc. And you can’t help but fall in love with his experiences that brought him to what he is in the present. I guess the best part about this arc is how everything ties up. First they show us Minato as Naruto’s dad. So now we know that not only does Naruto possess the nine tails within him but also has some immense abilities from his father as well. We also see how Jiraiya was responsible for naming Naruto and is seriously just like the father that Naruto never had. We get to see the great adventures of Jiraiya, how he became the toad sage, and the prophecy given by the Great Toad Sage. This was all so fun and interesting to watch that I was just absolutely glued to my screen. And after all of this we get to see Jiraiya face up against Pain only to realise that he is a former student of his that he thought was dead. Thus commences an insane battle where we see a glimpse into Jiraiya’s power. However, before he is able to unleash it all or even before he is able to escape, Jiraiya makes a huge error by going into the fight half-assed, only wanting to take out information, resulting in him losing his life. And let me say, Jiraiya dying was even the saddest part. The scene where Naruto feels the after image of Jiraiya’s arm on his shoulder had me in tears. As I wailed on in Jiraiya’s memory, all I could think about was how Naruto had lost a second father and throughout the entire time of searching Sasuke he will not even know Jiraiaya has passed until he returns back to Konoha. Time after time Naruto has to feel pain and sadness and I couldn’t help but feel it with him. And so, I give props to the creators for creating the anime in such a way that I could feel all these emotions and sympathise with the main character to this extent. A true bravo moment as I wiped my tears and readied myself for the next great battle to come.

In the next arc we get to see the much awaited Sasuke vs Itachi. Words can not describe how incredible this battle was. Not only does it plummet the anime into depths of action that I never expected but it opens the anime to a lot of world and plot development that shows why people are so invested into this anime. Firstly, the battle of genjitsus was amazing. It made the viewers, especially myself, feel like we were stuck in the genjitsu most of the time more than the characters themselves. Then, we get to see more secrets behind the Sharingan and also about mangekyou Sharingan. Seeing Sasuke’s change in power levels made it seem like Itachi was totally outplayed but he had plenty a of cards in his hands in terms of Amaterasu and Susanoo. These insanely high level techniques showed me how much potential this anime has in terms of power levels and future action scenes as our characters will fight against much stronger opponents in the future. The much awaited battle ends with Sasuke as the victor as he is taken away to an Akatsuki hideout for a discussion. In the mean time, Naruto and his team arrive at the location of the fight. They were backed up fighting Tobi of Akatsuki who seems to actually be Madura Uchiha. Although he doesn’t officially announce it at that time, the eyes he shows Kakashi left him speechless and wondering who it was. This was a magnificent scene and I can’t wait to see where it will lead us. Naruto and his team arriving to the fight location was another heartbreaking scene as you see Naruto has failed once again to make contact or get through to Sasuke. And just knowing that he is in for more disappointment once he returns to Konoha is just very saddening. He shows a lot more maturity as a main character and I appreciate this character development immensely as it really adds to the story.

In the final arc, we get to see an interaction between Madara and Sasuke. Here, Sasuke is told about Itachi’s true mission and intentions. You can’t help but fall in love with the kind of person Itachi was after this discussion and how even in his dying breaths, he transferred to Sasuke his power so that he can protect himself from the hands of Madara Uchiha. We further get to see more history on the founding of Konoha and why it has such unrivalled strength. Now, this is where things take a turn for the worse. After Madara convinces Sasuke that Konoha is the reason the Uchiha’s turned evil it makes him seem as such a wreak and gullible character with a much weaker motive to destroy Konoha. I can’t help but hate Sasuke as a character from this point forward as he joins hand with the Akatsuki to defeat and capture the remaining jinchuriki all in attempt to destroy Konoha. We get to see Sasuke use Amaterasu which had my jaw on the floor in amazement but also see him fall into the depths of deception as he blindly believes every word Madara tells him. Later, as he is matched up against the 8 tails jinchuriki, he is taught a valuable lesson to stay in his limits. Till now, I appreciated all of Sasuke’s improvements and strength, however, we never considered the fact that Sasuke defeated a half dead Orochimaru and an Itachi who had no intent of killing Sasuke in the first place. He had gotten so full of himself that a few punches from Killer B put him back into place and it was well deserved. However, seeing him use Amaterasu and then being able to extinguish it as well was another amazing surprise that just sets up the potential for this anime on a whole other level. ‘

Finally, to conclude this insanely long review, I must say that the anime has completely changed. With action scenes on a whole other level, more world and power aspects of development, and a lot more depth and connection in terms of plot, the anime has set up immense expectations for upcoming arcs. I am excited to see what the future episodes have to offer. The animation was great (for its time) and the opening and ending songs were some of the best I’ve ever heard. Naruto sound track never ceases to amaze me. Overall, some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen.


I would give these episodes of the anime 5/5 stars.

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