Jujutsu Kaisen| First Impression| “When a basic plot promises exciting returns.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.

Starting off, my friend begged me to watch this anime much earlier on but I insisted on holding off till the season came to an end because I was watching a lot of other stuff during the time. And now that it’s finally done, I decided to start this and take a break from Naruto. And might I say, the first episode quite impressed me.

Most anime first episodes are infamous for being boring as it is just setup for future plot or just develops overtime. However, this anime was a rare case where the first episode had a great mix of emotions and action. Not only were we given a but of humour and excitement through jokes regarding Itadori’s club and through a sports competition against his coach but we also feel emotions like sadness in the very first episode when his grandfather passes away. And although we only knew Itadori’s grandfather for a short 15 minutes, the way he spoke really struck as cord and caused me to feel extremely sad when he passed away after giving such loving advice. On the other hand, we are also given a great final action scene which, although quite predictable, was super fun to watch because it set up a “base level” sort of arrangement for our main character while also showing what he is definitely capable of in upcoming, more difficult fights.

Coming to the characters. I found our main character to be quite amazing. Not only is he obviously extremely talented and possesses a ton of potential, but he is also extremely matured and composed which I really appreciate. This just shows that he won’t be an annoying main character and is more laid back and fearless than others. This struck as a huge plus point to me as I can see myself loving him more and more as the anime goes on. His club members, Sasaki and Iguchi seem kind of useless although a clear source to Itadori’s strengths. He does seem like the type of main character who puts his life on the line for his friends although they do seem pretty much useless to the plot other than that. Fushiguro seems like an extremely cool dude and although wee clearly didn’t get to see his full power, he didn’t seem that strong to me (I hope to be proven wrong). Other than that, I cant wait to see which stronger people are shown in the upcoming episodes.

I guess the only negative I would have about this anime and the assumptions I have about this anime would be how basic it is. Although the anime did a great job of translating a basic plot into a great first episode, I cant ignore the fact that this kind of story line has been seen time and time again in a lot of different anime. We are all used to seeing a main character with extreme potential being recognised by someone who possesses actual powers. And upon approaching said main character, he eventually develops or understands powers of his own that he will further use to protect his loved ones. You really can’t get more basic than this. And this results in a lot of predictable scenes. The whole fight scene at the end of the first episode was so obvious and predictable. I knew he would come save his friends, get pushed around a bit, be pushed to a corner, eat the finger, and become op. I did not however expect a demon to take over his body and then him being able to suppress that power. That was extremely cool and exciting. Regardless, apart from all this, it doesn’t change the fact that I still enjoyed watching the first episode so much and I see a huge potential to the story line of this anime whether or not they decide to add a unique aspect to the plot.

Finally, I want to commend the art style and animation. They were both really fantastic and I can see this becoming a trend in new, upcoming anime. This is really exciting because this creates another aspect of thrill other than the plot where we get to see enhanced action scenes as well. The opening song was a great listen. Honestly, I can’t wait to see more. My friends have hyped me up al to for this anime and just after the first episode I can say, I am not disappointed. Overall, excited to watch more of this anime.

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