Attack on Titan: The Final Season part 1| Anime| “When something boring develops into something magnificent.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


The Marley’s have been preparing, in their nation, an army that can defeat the Eldians on Paradis island and further recover the founding Titan. However, they are outplayed as the people from Paradis are the first to attack. As the Eldian’s are not fighting for equality and freedom, a battle commences between them and the Marley’s. At the same time, opposing views lead to internal conflict as well.


This was a roller coaster of a season on so many different levels. On one side, I was left with complete boredom and was wondering what was going on. On the other side, we had an anime that went so beautifully in terms of action and plot that I considered it one of the best anime I watched this year so far.

Starting off, the anime didn’t have the very best start in my opinion. And I am speaking in terms of an “in the moment” kind of situation. Now, I do realise the importance of as story build up before getting to the fun and juicy parts but I found myself to be quite lost in the first few episodes. I could not understand what was going on and was left making a ton of assumptions before everything started slowly falling into place. No doubt, looking back at it now, the first few episodes many have been boring in terms of lack of drive and too much information to process but it was still essential to the main plot and you do have to go through the information buffers before we can truly appreciate the action and plot twists.

I think it was around the 5th or 6th episode when the anime took a turn towards something amazing. When Eren finally meets up with Reiner we not only anticipate a great action scene coming up but we also see a different side of Reiner who is done with all the war and is longing for peace. The Marley’s are continuously preparing kids to be able to pass down the Titan powers and Reiner was fed up of it as people are losing their valuable lives just for war and can not enjoy peace. This gave a completely different perspective to the anime as we always saw Reiner at the forefront for battles and always the initiator to conflicts. Regardless, the action scenes that proceeded the interaction between new and improved Eren and Reiner were mind blowing. The animation quality took a huge leap and so did all of our favourite characters. Everyone has grown up so much and seeing the ODM gear be so much more advanced than before made everything all the more fun to watch. The scouts abilities, speed, techniques, and intelligence all show indications of years and years of trainings and efforts to get revenge for the Eldians. At the same time, we get to see magnificent fights of Levi and Mikasa and also a special scene of Armin transforming into the colossal titan. The creators definitely took a much more gruesome approach to this season in an effort to emphasise the beauty of the world ridden by corruption of people and desire to have power. Not to mention, the fight between Eren and the WarHammer titan was also quite something. We’ve never seen a titan like this before making the fight unpredictable and extremely enjoyable.

Coming to the next portion of the anime, the internal conflict. This was another great plot development and build up. After the death of Sasha (yes, tears were there), we see that Eren is placed into a prison and talks are going on in preparation for Marley’s next attack. However, the beast titan has betrayed the Marley’s and wishes to team up with his brother, Eren to give justice to Paradis and the Eldians. I love how the anime created a lot of anticipation as to what’s going to happen and then they turn this global battle back into an internal conflict. It was a great plot twist that I wasn’t expecting. More than all of that, we get to see a fantastic fight between Levi and Zach again. As a huge plot twist, Zach puts his spinal fluid in some wine causing a lot of Levi’s allies to turn into titans which pisses him off to a whole other level. And we all know what that means in terms of how the action in the anime will be. At the same time, Gabi and Falco escape from the prison they’re kept in and are housed by none other than Sasha’s parents which was not only another great twist but was also a tremendously heartwarming scene when they forgave Gabi. The anime did turn a bit psycho when they introduced a girl under the care of Sasha’s parents who went assault mode on Gab i and Falco while talking about her parents. But this only added to the dark atmosphere the anime was creating. A lot o stories were going on simultaneously and I just can’t wait for it all to coincide making everything all the more fun and interesting. We see Mikasa and Armin out of the loop with Eren for the very first time which gets the audience also making assumptions about what the Jeager brothers true intentions are. Also, we see Eren beat the life out of Armin during an encounter and claim that he never liked Mikasa. I only hope there is some solid reasoning behind his actions unless the creators are trying to give the audience a reason to hate Eren.

The season ends on an amazing note. Firstly, I didn’t expect there to be a part two to this season but I’m excited none the less. They left a lot of suspense with the last episode indicating the Marley’s attack back on Paradis island. This is truly setting up a lot of expectations for a phenomenal part 2 to this final season. A great job on thr animation and a nice enjoyable opening. I am really looking forward to see what this anime has in store for us in its’ final moments., Truly, this season may have started out as a confusion but definitely ended up being absolutely fantastic. Overall, greatly enjoyed.


I would give this season of the anime 4.5/5 stars.

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