Jujutsu Kaisen| Anime| “Now a part of my top 5.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Itadori Yuji may be living a normal life but he is by no means a normal high-schooler. And, it all changes when his friends are attacked by a curse and he swallows a cursed object turning him into something else entirely. Now, with the king of curses residing inside of him, he becomes a vessel until they are able to collect all the cursed objects needed. As he joins Jujutsu tech, he makes new friends and meets new people. However, with enemies all around, Itadori must fight for his friends questioning his values and beliefs. His only goal? To die being surrounded with his loved ones and saving as many people as he can.


A lot to say about this anime. I was extremely impressed with a lot of different parts in this anime. Not only did the creators successfully turn a possibly bland and resistive story into something amazing but the anime also displayed a great set of characters, some enjoyable character development, nice animation, and awesome action scenes.

Starting off, I want to mention that I found this anime to have no bad episodes. Every episode was interesting in itself with some good action or plot development mixed with some good character development as well as a mandatory suspense scene to finish off the episode making you want to see more. Further, I think this is the fastest I’ve seen any anime ever. I saw the entire 24 episodes in just two days simply because of how great the suspense and episodes were. This is why I consider this anime as a part of my top 5 because I honestly could find little to no negatives with this anime. The anime was just great as a whole and this review is just going to be me drooling over how much fun I had watching it.

Coming to the plot and action. These were both important and great aspects of the anime. We are so used to the usual curses, anti-curses kind of anime that you can’t be bothered by reading the story line of the anime. You may just believe this is just another mainstream anime with some above average action and no real potential. However, that’s where you’re entirely wrong. When the story might be about curses and anti-curses, the anime takes an entirely different turn by focusing more on individual characters rather than focusing on the story as a whole. Not only do they emphasize character development and amazing supporting characters, but they also build on this potential to further better the plot. This is what makes the anime stand out from the rest. We have a main character who is naturally gifted as a human and the demon powers only enhance his powers into something else. Usually, we are used to the complete opposite. Having a main character who started out weak and then grows with training and perseverance with the help of friends around him. This anime builds on a main character that has super-human abilities from the very beginning and further gives supporting characters who are either as strong or leaps beyond stronger than him. This not only allows for amazing action but also shows how an anime plot is so largely determined by the characters as well.

The action of this anime is nothing to sleep on. We get to see countless number of fights that get you goosebumps throughout your body. Some of the most remarkable fights have to be Gojo vs Joao, Itadori vs Mahito, and Itadori and Todo vs Hanami. These were some just some of the many amazing fights that had my jaw on the floor with spectacular animation, on-the-go character development, suspense, and just sheer enjoyment. This brings me to my favourite character (and I’m sure a favourite for a lot of others), Gojo. This man is the definition of immaculate. Not only is he insanely overpowered but he is also extremely good looking, fun, and just an amazing person. He just destroys everyone and everything in his path while also explaining the extent of his abilities. The way he messes around with his opponents makes him a top-tier character in the realm of anime. The fact that the enemies can’t even plan to defeat him and can only have a chance after “capturing” him just explains how powerful he is and how much of his power we’re unaware of. Further, coming to Itadori. Seeing him go into absolute rage mode against Mahito was jus ta spectacle to behold. The black and white animation, the dialogue, the s build up, all just combined to create a great action scene that had me screaming in excitement. Finally, Todo is another fantastic character. Not only do we get to see a great fight between him and Itadori but we also get to see them teams up and battle an insanely strong curse, Hanami. This was an amazing battle as well as we get to see Todo use his clap power which just blew me away. Just seeing the extent to which he can use that ability had me super excited and longing for more. Also, Itadori uses his move “black flash” which was amazing as well and it just left me in “awe” to see him using it back to backl. Further, seeing the ease with which Gojo defeated Hanami just expressed on what a higher level he is compared to everyone else.

The greatness of this anime doesn’t just stop there. The humour that is in this anime only adds to the plethora of positives. The anime had huge potential to be quite dark and slow but the humour aspect made the anime more lively and enjoyable. They managed to make sad scenes into exciting and laughable with these amazing characters. Todo especially with the “my best friend” scene was absolutely hilarious and had me wheezing in laughter. The opening and ending songs were also great listens. This anime has far exceeded my expectations and I can not wait to see what the next season has in store for us. I do hope it can exceed anything I’m expecting now. This is a must watch for anyone! Overall amazing overall.


I would give this season of the anime 5/5 stars.

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