5 years of blogging!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new and a more special blog. That’s right, we’ve hit 5 years of blogging and like always, I feel like it’s time for an update into what’s going on in my life as well as what’s to come. So, let’s begin!

Starting off, I can not express how amazing it feels to have been consistently blogging for the past 5 years. It truly is a landmark to achieve and I cant wait for the many more years to come. I feel that the growth on my blog has become a lot more over the past year in terms of increased followers and activity on a lot of the posts as well. It makes me really happy to see people enjoying my reviews. I even appreciate all the criticism as it helps me improve in terms of research and writing ability. The blogs and the page in itself haven’t changed much in a while (have to do something about that soon). However, I do want to give everyone a huge thank you for supporting my blog. I really appreciate everyone who interacts with my page and it does put a huge smile on my face to see the page grow.

So, coming to my life. Like always, I’m Rahul Mody, 20 years old, and while I do go to university in the Philippines, the pandemic has led me to be back home in Hyderabad, India for the past year. My hobbies include blogging, playing basketball, and playing the guitar. And, recently I’ve been really into the gym as well as scrolling through memes on TikTok (that’s what life has been during the pandemic). I am currently in my final semester of AB Psychology at Angeles University Foundation and will be in med school as of the coming academic year. And what I want to discuss throughout this blog includes what has happened over the course of this pandemic till now and what my plans are for upcoming med school and beyond.

Okay, so starting off with what’s happened over the past year. At the start of the pandemic, I was still in the Philippines, in a dorm along with all my friends. Those were good times. We had no online classes going on so all we used to do was play basketball, cook or order food, watch movies, anime, Kdrama, talk, chill, and stay up till 6 a.m. every day. I even got back to an old hobby of sketching! Looking back now I really miss those times because I haven’t met any of my friends from the dorm since I left. I came back to India around the end of May. I was quarantined in a hotel in Bangalore after which I was finally back home. The whole journey back to India from the Philippines was quite the experience where we had a delayed flight, free accommodation because of the delay, experience of flying in the initial parts of the pandemic, etc. And finally, after arriving back home to Hyderabad everything went back to normal. I met my family after about 6 months of being away. And, I also got to meet all my friends here as well. I was really sad that we wont be able to experience much more of our college life as a pre-med student and that we’d probably only go back to the Philippines when Med school begins. But, I am extremely grateful for the time I was given here with my family and friends. Thinking of it now, med school is probably going to be so hectic that I’m going to remember these times I got to spend at home and really reconnect with everyone. I know that for now I’m taking it for granted the time I’m getting and that in the years to come I’ll really look back to this time as when I was able to get closer with my friends and family here at home. I feel like the time I’ve been given here has allowed me to make my bonds stronger and that I’ll have a solid support system once my med school begins.

Over the pandemic, I was able to learn a lot more about myself. Faced with challenges of my own personally, socially, and academically I was able to grow as a person. I did really well in my med school entrance exam and was even able to go for a vacation with my friends when the cases had gone down tremendously. As a lot of you might know from the news, as of now India is really badly affected with the virus. Right now India is facing a lot of difficulties as the healthcare system is collapsing. I do hope we can all get out of this safely and quickly and soon go back to our normal lives. Over the course of the pandemic, I also joined my university’s publishing group. I joined as a literary correspondent where I write literary works like stories, poems, etc. With this I was not only to further broaden my writing ability but I also realised that I have a true passion for writing which I don’t intend to stop in the coming years as well. I participated in oratory competitions and tried indulging in as many online college related activities as possible. Of course, the memories and desire to go back and make many more is overwhelming but we have to keep in mind that people are in a much worse situation and we are quite fortunate with our technology and resources.

My blog has grown tremendously over the past year. It is with great pleasure that I say that we are nearing about 150 followers on WordPress! I am so glad to see the community growing. As I always say, I don’t really mind if the activity on my page isn’t too high. I genuinely just enjoy writing these reviews and staying consistent. It is not only a passion of mine but also proves to myself that I can stay dedicated to an activity. In the coming years, as I will get busy with med school, I hope to continue blogging and posting weekly but I do hope everyone can understand if my blogs get delayed to even once every two weeks. I also hope to change the interface of the blog to make it more user-friendly. Over the years, my writing style has changed and improved greatly and it is all because of help of all the people who criticise me and also bloggers who I follow and learn from. I hope to learn more and become an even better writer in the years to come.

I can’t wait for my med school journey to begin. My friend and I were planning to create a medical blog as well where we do more research into latest medical developments and give our own views and opinions on it as well. At the same time, we can write some blogs about the life of a med school student. I hope we can stay true to this commitment and get the blog up soon.

Thank you everyone once again to another amazing year of blogging. And, here’s to many many more. I’ll constantly give updates like this about whats’ going on in my life.

I would give this blog 5/5 stars! 😀

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