Monster| Movie| “The overly basic court movies.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Steve Harmon, an aspiring film student, was living a normal life with a good family. But when he gets involved with bad company, it leads him to fall into legal battle over an armed robbery that he claims to have no part in. Now, he must fight for his freedom against all possible racial profiling to escape the hell he considers prison.


This was just a movie I saw as a recommendation on Netflix one day and decided to give it a shot. A lot of things to say because it’s becoming a common trend to have movies based on court room scenes recently and mixing that with possible racism, an innocent defendant, and good acting and you get a basic Netflix film.

Starting off, I have nothing against the plot. Other than the fact that it’s become quite bland and common it doesn’t deter from the fact that it’s still quite interesting to see how court scenes will play off and what tricks the defendant (who is always innocent) to save himself from going to (the portrayed hellish) prison. The plot in itself was extremely plain and simple; a good kid getting involved with bad company and although he didn’t do anything, his name got involved simply for being around the area of crime prior to the actual crime. Nothing about the plot of this film really stood out for me in terms of uniqueness. The serious undertone of the film is only further exemplified with the background narration by the defendant himself. I guess, this is what the creators felt would make things “different”, to have someone narrating the story in first person to give the audience a more inside look into the minds of an innocent young boy with a bright future. However, all attempts for any kind of slight difference was thrown out the window with countless clichèd scenes.

Let’s come to the title of this movie: Monster. This is a really interesting title that really serves its’ purpose with the lawyers using this term multiple times to describe our main character and his supposedly partner in crime. However, I feel this was extremely over the top. I don’t see how such terms served any purpose in the film other than being extremely derogatory and demeaning. I do see how it exemplifies the ill treatment to the black community as well as exemplifies a more empathetic emotion towards our protagonist. Other than that, the use of the word “monster” seemed nothing more than a forced term to meet standards of a title that would otherwise have no meaning. If anything, I felt monster would be more of a suspense thriller or horror film rather than this court room drama. I feel the movie could have delivered the exact same emotions even without the use of “monster” and it was quite unnecessary as a whole.

The biggest plus point of the film has to be the acting itself. The dark vibes mixed with some good acting brings out more emotion from the audience than the movie actually deserves. You could truly empathise with the protagonist and is family as coming from such a promising and nice background to battling for freedom. Netflix movies have to be given credit for having good acting for the most part although the plot is almost always lacking. This concept of delivering a message through films has always been a popular concept. However, the discrimination or possible racial profiling was kept more as a side note in this film rather than something more directly involved with the plot. Even so, if the movie did put more emphasis on discrimination, I only see it as adding to the clichès rather than improving it as a whole.

The movie lacked in a lot of aspects and it resulted in a more bland plot. At the same time, I would recommend to see this movie as a one time watch. It isn’t a complete waste of time and does display an enjoyable court room battle (credits to good acting). Also, as an audience, it does allow for some feeling of empathy and sorrow. If you’re into that then you’ll like this movie more than I did. Overall, a below average film.


I would give this move 2.5/5 stars.

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