Naruto: Shippuden (Ep. 144- 242)| Anime| “Fantastic plot development and emotional action.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. I just finished up another semester. One more summer semester to go before med school. So, let’s begin.


These set of episodes span over multiple arcs, so, just to summarise:

Pain and Konan come to Konoha to retrieve the nine tails. In the mean time, Naruto is called to Mt. Myoboku to learn sage mode. After Konoha is left in ruins, a huge battle breaks about between the multiple pains against Naruto.

Soon after, Konoha is undergoing repair. Lady Tsunade being rendered unconscious leads the elders at Konoha to elect a new Hokage. Following the election, all the different Kage meet to discuss how to deal with the Akatsuki. However, the meeting is disrupted by Madara and Sasuke. Here, there is declaration of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Now, villages are all set to make preparations and work together for an upcoming war against the Akatsuki to protect the remaining eight and nine tale jinchuriki.


A lot to say about these arcs. There were a lot of developments in terms of plot, emotion, characters, and action as well. You can truly see how well the anime has progressed over the hundreds of episodes watched. However, at the same time, I’m going to explain how this anime will never be considered in my top 5 as well.

Starting off with the Pain Assault Arc. This was mind blowing. This arc displayed some of the best action-emotional combination scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. Firstly, pain coming and attacking Konoha while Naruto wasn’t even there was a surprise in itself. On top of that, the amount of destruction he caused was another huge “wow” factor. The fact that one man (of course, in the form of 6 different bodies) could destroy the entire Konoha, one of the strongest Villages ever, just shows the extent of his, as well as of the Akatsuki’s power. Following this, we get to see some phenomenal fight scenes between each of Pain’s bodies against the strong Konoha shinobi’s. We see so many Shinobi that we love nearly die as well as the true full extent of a lot of their abilities. A lot of love for Tsunade and Kakashi for the way they battled. Seeing all of Tsunade’s ultimate moves for the upkeep of the village was very heartwarming. At the same time, seeing Kakashi use all of his last bit of strength to ensure that Chouji reaches Tsunade was so amazing. Konohamaru was a huge surprise in this fight as well. not only do we get to see the culmination of his learning under Naruto, but we also get to see him defeat a body of Pain all by himself which I found to be more than impressive. It really shows his potential to develop in the future as an extremely strong character and a potential Hokage as well.

I must dedicate an entire paragraph to the beauty of a fight that was Pain vs Naruto. From the very entrance of Naruto, to each planned move, to his character development, to his emotions running wild, to the controlling of the Kyuubi, this entire sequence was nothing short of absolute beauty. Naruto’s entrance back from Mt. Myoboku was absolutely phenomenal. The entire setting of Konoha being half destroyed, Sakura shouting out for Naruto to come save them, and Naruto himself looking like an absolute beast with the cloak, scroll, and music, just added to the overall excitement. Following this fantastic entrance, we get to see Naruto’s new and improved powers. Naruto is able to use moves that his regular body could not usually handle and at the same time he is able to control and sense chakra on an entirely different level. For the first time, I felt like Naruto was truly leaps beyond stronger than Kakashi and possibly, Jiraiyah himself. Pain put up a great fight as well. The absolute display of strength and technique made this action scene so enjoyable. Also, the fact the Naruto could only sustain the sage mode for some periods of time made the fight move faster without possibility of it being stretched out. The fact that Naruto was being so reliable brought a smile to my face. When Hinata comes out to help Naruto just before he dies was a heart breaking moment. To see her get beaten up and tossed around was really tough to watch. But, seeing Naruto lose control and give in to the Kyuubi power was something that I was eager to see. To see Pain be absolutely overwhelmed just showed how much more potential Naruto has as he gains more control over the Kyuubi itself. Finally, to end this amazing action sequence, we finally get to see some extremely heart felt moments. As Kakashi meets his father in the after life and Naruto meets Minato just before he releases the seal to the Kyuubi. When Naruto meets Minato and realises that this is his father, I was in tears. Seeing Naruto gave me such a warm sensation and having Minato place so much faith into him was absolutely the best way to end the overall battle. Following these scenes we get to see an interaction between Naruto and Pain which was great as well. We see that Pain may be wrong in action but not wrong in intention. In the end, both Naruto and pain share the same dream of peace, it’s just their mindset and past experiences that have forced them to take different paths in the way to achieve it. I don’t hate Pain at all rather I appreciate him for showing Naruto a different perspective on the true meaning of peace. At the same time, I also appreciate him for putting faith in Naruto for being the leader of bringing peace in the Shinobi world. All this comes to an end with Naruto being the village hero. As Kakashi brings Naruto back to the village, everyone shouts in cheers as a tear rolls down my eye. The same boy who everyone initially despised, was now the hero of the village that everyone admires. This character development truly hit my heart and made me feel my emotions to the max. It is safe to say that even if this anime isn’t in my top 5, this Pain vs Naruto arc is truly in my top 3 all time favourites.

Although I’ve already written so much already, this review is for nearly 100 episodes worth of content. So, please don’t mind this extra long review. Coming to the Five Kage Summit Arc. This was another good arc. After having so much action packed arcs, it was good to mellow down for some time. Having this arc right after a short filler arc was great to pace things out. This arc had a lot of emotion involved, to the extent that I believed it overpowered the action as well. Firstly, as all the Kage’s are getting ready to meet regarding the Akatsuki, Naruto learns that one of the targets for the 5 Kage will be Sasuke as he joined the Akatsuki. Seeing him chance after the Raikage and begging for Sasuke’s life really makes you sympathise with how Naruto and Sakura feel. You can’t help but further hate Sasuke for turning so evil despite his friends trying so hard to get him back. Later, at the Kage summit, we see Danzo using his power to become the leader of the allied Shinobi forces that are coming into existence. This was a huge disappointment as it made Konoha seem as more untrustworthy. However, despite all these technical discussions, emotional play, and uncertainty, we see members of the Akatsuki infiltrated the summit. Sasuke, with the aim of killing Danzo, is forced to face off against the Raikage who is later backed by Gaara and other Shinobi as well. The battle between the Raikage and Sasuke was another great battle although quite short-lived. To see Sasuke gain more and more control of his Sharingan and Mangyekou is another display of great character development. And this development in overall character is really displayed in his fight against Danzo. In this fight, we get to see both sides use everything in their power to kill the other. Danzo has been down a path of evil that is extremely disgusting. However, the anime does add another aspect to his character that makes you sympathise (even if its minimal sympathy) for him. The fact that his love for Konoha is probably the greatest of anyone in the village and that he will do anything to protect it. However, any and all of his dreams came to an end when Sasuke ends up using his brain as well as his strength to completely overwhelm Danzo and kill him. In the mean time, Madara back at the summit announces his plan “Eye of the Moon” where he wants to place the entire world into an Infinite tsukuyomi to create peace. As the Kage oppose the plan, he declares war against all the Kage. This is the start of an entirely new plot. I can’t help but appreciate the depth of plot development this anime has created. It has not only led to more investment in the overall anime but has also given so much potential to see how each character will develop as well. Also, this anime really makes it’s villains out well. Although Madara seems to be using such cruel means to attain power, we do see how his ultimate goal is of peace as well. As someone who has lived for such a longtime, to have found no means of attaining peace other than placing everyone into an infinite tsykuyomi just shows that the path Naruto has to take is going to be extremely difficult and a lot of people’s dreams are riding on him.

Coming to why I don’t believe this anime can ever be in my top 5. Despite the anime having so many fantastic scenes, beautiful plot and character development, great world development, and hitting so many emotional spots, the anime still is still too full of blank scenes and meaningless, boring fillers. Both these things not only bring down the overall quality of the anime but it also makes the anime feel so childish after showing such a maturing plot. At the same time, these kind of scenes are what make the 500 episodes cumbersome to watch. If the anime was so amazing, I wouldn’t be struggling to watch the next episode each day and that’s what these fillers have caused me to feel. It has resulted in me playing the fillers in 1.5 times speed which I have never done for any other anime. However, this to me is the only real (although huge) negative of the anime. I can not wait to see what the future arcs have in store. I’m super excited to watch more. Overall absolutely amazing.


I would give these episodes of the anime 5/5 stars.

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