Hospital Playlist (Season 1)| Korean Drama| “Simplicity in emotion.”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


5 friends who graduated from the same med school are now working in the same hospital although in different departments. They all excel in their fields as they teach interns, residents and new med students while also sharing their love for music.


I managed to watch this show within 4 days after my friend challenged me to watch these 12 one and a half hour episodes. And, I must say, after watching so much action packed anime, this show was just the change of pace I needed.

Starting off, I got this show not only as a recommendation from my friend but I also saw it as a review from Dr. Mike on YouTube (one of my favourite medical you tubers). One thing about this show that really stands out is the realism. Not only does the show emphasise on the emotions and lives of the doctors and patients but also cuts out all the unnecessary drama that we are so used to seeing in most Korean dramas. Not saying that the show has no drama at all but even the drama shown is more minimal and the romance is not emphasised. We have the occasional cute crush type scenarios with realistic love-life scenarios as well and this to me is what really makes this show so enjoyable. The fact that I could see the show and feel that this is legitimately how the lives of doctors are got me more excited for my future and also provided a show that was super fun to watch. The way all of the friends would hang out with one another, but would drop anything and everything they are doing the second they get a call from a fellow nurse or doctor regarding a patient only increased the realism of the show and just demonstrated the actual life of a doctor.

Now, to describe my title of the review “simplicity in emotion”. The show really dwelled on the concept of emotion much more than the actual surgeries and procedures itself. It showed the emotions a of both the doctors and the patients. How the doctors are meant to attach and detach emotions immediately and at times break down themselves as well. An example of this is how much Dr. Ahn loves children and that is his huge motivation for working so hard and getting so emotionally attached to the patients. I found this to be so sweet and heartwarming. Another example is how Dr. Kim initially was more detached towards his patients but always believed to do everything to the best of his abilities to save his patients lives regardless of the situation. The show doesn’t go super hardcore on the emotion to the extent that it becomes drama. But it does it enough so that you can feel the emotion in almost every dialogue and scene of the show. The fact that in each episode, each doctor meets about 10-15 different patients giving us 10-15 different stories, may make for a show that is quite heavy on the viewer. But that wasn’t the case as each scene wasn’t so heavy as to make it difficult to watch and wasn’t so light as to make them show boring as well. The episodes may have been an hour to an hour and a half but still, every scene you could feel the emotions of both the patients and the doctors and that to me is what makes this show special and different from the rest.

Another great concept of the show was to include the band aspect. This not only added the the “idealistic” view of the already fantastic doctors, but also added a great change of pace the show needed. After a lot of information needed to be processed in each episode, the show would always end with some great music that was always relaxing and extremely enjoyable. The way the show used this last 10 minutes to just have the viewers “vibe” made all the difference in pushing me to watch 3-4 episodes in a single day. The show also had a lot of comedic relief throughout the 12 episodes. They didn’t let the show be driven by drama or romance and ensured that there were a lot of times the viewers got a good laugh out of the doctors as well. This can be seen through all the eating scenes, the secret romances, and special mention to Doctor Lee.

If there was any negactive I would pick off on this show it would be just that the show demonstrates doctors a bit too much on the idealistic side. I know, this is contradictory to me saying the show is great for its’ realism. But, while the show is realistic for the most part, there are a lot of times where you thing that if it were real then the doctors would definitely have more issues with patients, more issues among themselves, with sleep, with personal issues. The show describes the doctors as way too work oriented that they don’t even care about their personal life which I don’t believe to be entirely realistic. However, this is an extremely small point that didn’t affect my view of the show at all. I would highly recommend to see this show. It’s great simplicity and realism makes it different from the rest and really enjoyable. Overall a great show.


I would give this show 4/5 stars.

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