Munou na Nana| Anime| “Budget, murder mystery MHA”.

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


There exists people with supernatural powers called “talents” who have been subjected to a secluded island where they are supposedly trained to become part of their country’s defensive strength. “Enemies of humanity” are terrifying creatures who also roam the world who can’t be defeated by regular weaponry and require a talent to defeat them.

Nana is a new student on the island with the ability to read minds. After she arrives to the island, a lot of students begin disappearing. This causes a rise in curiosity in some other students who investigate these disappearances. At the same time, there’s something more to this island than what meets the eyes.


Decided to watch this anime when I got is as a suggestion on tik tok and I just needed a break from Naruto. A lot of mixed opinions about this show regarding the characters, plot, and just the overall concept of the anime.

Starting off, the title of this blog more or less describes the plot of the entire anime. These people considered “talents” are equivalent to the My Hero Academia quirks. However, comparison, the limitations to the powers in this anime are much more severe and the extent to which people have powers is much more limited as well. The reason I called this a murder mystery is because of the fact that we have this Nana girl going around killing all these talents under the impression of being a talent herself. And while this is going on, we have characters investigating these murders and trying to find out the culprit. However, towards the end of the anime we also discover that Nana is not alone in the killings and that there is another killer on the loose who is also committing murders. I must say that this concept is actually quite interesting in the sense that every episode or every two episodes we have a whole scenario of Nana planning and committing murder and Onodera nearly catching her. And it’s not just how things plays out that is interesting but the planning in itself is what truly makes this concept interesting. It isn’t so in depth and detailed that you are shocked that you never thought of such a thing but it’s just so unique and random that you wont think of it in your first few attempts of trying to figure out what happened. The creators did a good job in making each episode unique in itself but failed to prevent a sort of monotony. Until the last few episodes of the anime, it had become a sort of habit to continue the same thing over and over again. Although, like I said, the planning was unique and different, essentially it was the same thing every episode. Onodera would be so close to catching Nana and she would just manage to talk her way out or get some way to cover up. But, I guess for a 12 episode anime, setting up a foundation like this is necessary if there is a season 2 planned.

I want to talk about something this anime did a great job of. While the main plot was Nana killing talents and people trying to figure out the murderer, there is more to the story that meets the eye which his always at the back of your head while watching the anime. It was smartly pointed out by Onodera that there is something more to this island than what is just shown. The fact that there are no health care workers, police, cell service, etc. just shows that the island isn’t simply just meant for talents to be “trained”. At the same time, we really are left to question if these “enemies of humanity” even truly exist. Nana was sent to the island under the impression that these talents are the true enemies of humanity and she was even given “possible kill counts” for each individual talent on the island as well. Now, I’m just going to give my views on what is going on in the show. In my opinion, these talents have been subjected to this island to separate them from humanity as a whole. Since these talents are in minority, they pose a threat to regular people as if they turns to evil, there is more or less no way to stop them. So, governments found that the best way to deal with them was to send them to a secluded island under the impression that they are undergoing training. At the same time, they would send someone to the island and eventually get them killed one by one. Nana had a terrible interaction with a talent in the past and so, that motivates her to go to the island and fulfil her duty of killing these talents. However, I feel she is slowly doubting this supposed “kill count” because she finds these talents to be more harmless than harmful. This may not be entirely true but jus another interpretation of mine. We are also given insight on Onodera’s sister who came to the island a few years before he did but mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The school faculty couldn’t care less to search for the missing people and don’t even contact higher authorities as well very easily. So, while season 1 did a lot to set down this foundation of more potential depth in plot and greater world building, it has left a lot of room for suspense in season 2 to see what is going to happen once the talents find out why they are truly kept on the island and what is really happening to them while they are there.

Another thing I want to talk about is the characters themselves. I really like Onodera’s character as someone who may be mysterious, suspicious, and super strong but also someone who is soft and loving on the inside. He doesn’t blatantly but blame on Nana even though he has had near 100% confirmed suspicion on her because he fears that people will go against him. At the same time, the way he thinks and plans out his actions as well add another element to the anime that keeps you thinking. Nana is a great antagonist who does sometimes go to an extreme. Sometimes she comes up the most random cover up stories and plans out the weirdest things that really leaves the audience in confusion. But, she does make the anime unpredictable and exciting. One character who really changed the pace of the anime is Jin Tachibana. His appearance in the show really added more depth into the plot by showing that there is a past to this island that can not be forgotten but the government is trying to silence. Also, his intelligence and manipulation capabilities make the thinking and planning much more interesting.

Honestly, I feel that this first season was more of a way to pass time than to actually enjoy the anime. But the anime as a whole has set up a plot and potential world and character development that has the capability to be something extraordinary. I can see this anime leaving me speechless in future seasons with crazy plot twists and new discoveries. The opening and ending songs were decent, nothing special. I wouldn’t recommend watching this anime right now at least, maybe after another season comes out. Overall, an interesting anime.


I would give this anime 3.5/5 stars.

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