Hey guys! How’s it going? My name is Rahul and I’m a big fan of movies, TV shows and anime and now I would like to share all my experiences wit you guys! My aim would be 1-2 movie(s)/TV show(s)/ anime every week. Just saying, these reviews are all opinion based and are always open to criticism!

I would be giving the a brief introduction, basic plot of the story, my own review, and finally, a rating.

The rating will be based off of a ‘5-star’ system where:

0- stars: my eyes are bleeding

1- star: are you kidding me

2- star: meh… not worth it

3-star: one time watch

4-star: wow that was actually really good

5-star: DAMNNN!!

Again, these reviews are completely open to criticism and any will be appreciated as well.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews just as much as I enjoy typing them!