Tower of God| First Impression| “Could this be THE anime of 2020?”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone is having a great, safe, and fun quarantine. Just finished with my online mid term exams. I have so many reviews backed up because the amount I’ve been watching has just sky rocketed (justified, don’t attack me). Also, I started an Instagram page with my friend where I post short stories and poems. You can check that out @readitweb (yes, I’m making it like an “it” series). If you like the content then please consider following the page, liking the post, and spreading it around :)! So, let’s begin.

Here I was, sitting, minding my own business, catching up with some other anime and kdrama when my friend slides into my DMs and says, “Dude, you gotta see Tower of God. DO NOT sleep on it.” And I did what I do best, I slept on it. But, I realized this was a good opportunity to get a good first impression in considering the anime had just begun and plus, it’s not like I had anything better to do. And I can safely say, DO NOT sleep on this anime!

Although I’m only 2 episodes into this anime I can really tell that in terms of plot, characters, animation, and future action, that this anime is going to be a spectacle. I don’t want to make any over hyped conculsions because those always end up blowing up in my face. However, the first two episodes had me so engrossed in the series and yearning to watch more episodes that I had forgotten that the real story had not even begun. We know nothing about the story of Rachel and Bam and the anime has just given us a slight indicator that Rachel is everything for Bam and he will do anything and everything to meet her. He does not seek the ultimate wish of reaching the top of the tower but rather just wishes to find the person who gave his life meaning unlike everyone else. On the other hand, as much as they have shown Rachel, she seems to be someone who wants to achieve more in her life and wishes to live her dreams. I’m sure future episodes will have more twists and a very awesome story.

It is quite clear that our main character has started from scratch. Unaware of his own abilities and powers, he is going to go on a journey where he’s going to have a ton of experiences and a ton of training. Of course, these are all speculation for future episodes because this is how main stream anime usually works. If the anime were to take a different turn then I would not be surprised but then they would have to really work on an amazing and intricate plot line to make this anime “stand out”. Out of the side characters that we have now, I can’t say that they are all that fun. While characters like Khun seem to have really interesting power and back story, characters like Rak just seem to be annoying meat heads who create too much noise in the anime. I know it’s too early to judge but this is just the first impression that they have created.

The most amazing scene for me so far was when Bam is standing in front of the water not even dazed by the force of the Lero’s power and Khun says, “A monster has arrived.” That scene seriously gave me chills and got me so anticipated to see what he is capable of in the future. Further, when Bam was sitting along with the Ranker, Lero and they both chose the same person who would come out first. This was after we had established that Lero was insanely strong and Bam had the capability to match his instinct. If the initial parts of the series can give me this much hype then I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Finally, the animation quality seems pretty good. I purposely didn’t say amazing because it looks like they are trying way too hard for the animation. The art style is simple and pleasing. The intro song is quite fun to listen to. These first few episodes are justifiable enough for me to be excited for future episodes and I stand by my title that this anime has the potential to be one of the best of 2020.

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