Tsuritama| Anime| “Fishing to save the world?”

Hey guys, how’s it going? Rahul here coming in with a brand new blog. I hope everyone has had a great, safe, and healthy week. So, let’s begin.


Yuki Sanada and his grandmother have moved to Enoshima. After havin moved many times, he has always struggled to make good friends or fit in. Haru, another transfer student at Yuki’s new school is quite different. Always sticking to Yuki, Haru clearly has something special about him. Soon, Haru explains how they must defeat this mysterious creature in the ocean before it destroys the world. How? By fishing.


This is by far one of the most unique anime story lines I’ve ever seen. After seeing it as a recommendation on Tik Tok as somone’s “favourite” anime, I decided that I’d just give it a try because I had nothing better to do. However, I do have extremely mixed opinions about this show.

Starting off, I found the whole vibe of this anime to be extremely positive and bubbly. While the characters of Haru, Akira, and Coco add the positivity to the anime, we have the contrasting characters of Yuki and Usami as well who bring more reality into the show. Haru seems to be a very lively alien who doesn’t understand the concept of human emotion. It is his innocence which Weill attract you to loving his character because no matter how much Coco advises him to not get too involved, he can’t help but try to make new friends and have a good time. As seen in the last episode as well, Haru seems to have a fish and alien form as well which really demonstrated his power. With his desire of friendship, he convinces Haru to learn fishing and hello him defeat the mystery of the ocean which would ultimately save the world. It is an interesting character for me because we’re not used to seeing someone so air headed be so lively and determined to save the world all at the same time.

Coming to the actual plot. Like I said, this was one of the most unique anime plots I had ever seen. First they give us a person with social anxiety meeting a bubbly, vibrant friend which is so basic. Soon, they bond over fishing and their friendship develops. Which, in my opinion, still isn’t that unique in itself. Later, they become friends with Usami, the fishing king and Akira, who initially is trying to spy on Haru but later becomes good friends with everyone. All of this is still not even the main plot of the story, but mind you, this is what was going on for the majority of the show. It was only in the latter of the show that they actually introduced the “threat for the world” which lead to more panic, better fishing skills, and an eventful action scene. The whole flow of the anime seemed kind of off and didn’t seem to fit the concept of the plot. However, I do feel like the anime had a deeper meaning behind it. The social anxiety struck Yuki was forced out of his comfort zone and was not only able to learn a new skill like fishing but was also successful in forming new bonds with his new school friends. All this was possible only because of this alien, Haru who was a mystery even in their lives. Yuki had clearly never received the kind of love and attention that Haru was giving him which was the sole reason for why Yuki was so reserved in the first place. If you treat the people around you with love, care, and respect, then you may motivate them to do greater things and vice versa for if you treat them badly or without love. No one deserves to be made an outcast and just a push from positivity can lead a person to the right direction. One might even say, that it could push them to save the world one day. And it is this very plot that motivated me to finish this anime and find some meaning to an otherwise meaningless plot.

Finally, all though this was my interpretation of the meaning behind the anime, I did not realise any of this until the anime actually finished. So, there were a lot of portions in the anime where I was wondering what was going on and was actually left quite bored. There were many times as well where I was left contemplating to just drop the anime as well. However, the 12 episodes is what motivated me to finish it. Had it been any longer, I probably would’ve dropped the anime entirely. The main stars of this show are the individual characters and not the the plot itself. They are what you go to see develop and that’s what really makes this anime so simple and elegant in its approach. The ending action scene was just a necessity to eventually get over with the anime. It didn’t stir up any real emotion in me. Haru leaving the grandmother at home was the only real sad part for me because I feel like I had a genuine soft spot for Yuki’s grandmother.

The animation quality of this anime was great. I do feel like I could have talked more about this anime and given more details on some other characters. However, I also think that this is all the anime deserves. It wasn’t anything too special but it was a good change of pace and very light hearted indeed. The opening song was a fun listen as well. I would not specifically recommend this anime to anyone especially not for beginners but I wouldn’t openly say that its a bad anime. I just feel like it lacked impact and the plot line was overly exaggerated. Overall it was fine.


I would give this anime 2.5/5 stars.

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